The Place of Digital Marketing in the Life Cycle of a Business Small or Large


Every business in the world could benefit from the advice you will find here in this article.  The importance of knowing where your business is currently and where it needs to go is crucial to ongoing success.  The role of online marketers has become increasingly more important than ever before.  The growth of online businesses worldwide has been accompanied by a growing number of online marketers.  Picking the right one to assist you can mean the life or death of your business.  Choose wisely.

Seed Phase:  Businesses that have a concept and are interested in raising money or have an amount of money necessary to launch your new business we can help.  If your goal is to create a website, add a shopping cart, and sell stuff online we can help you get visitors to your website that want to buy what you are selling.  We can do this in the country in which your business is located.  We can get you visitors from other countries.  We can also get you a combination of the two.

Startup Phase:  Businesses that have their first customers, a website, and possibly a brand have to be very careful with the funds they have personally invested or raised.   Selecting a great online marketing agency that understands your vulnerabilities and can make an impact on sales immediately is crucial to continuous growth.  During this phase you want to get as many customers as possible as quickly as possible.  There is an affordable way to do that and still manage to continue growing.

The business owners that have been helped by a digital marketing agency in transitioning from the startup phase to the growth phase have been able to so because they have worked with marketers that now how to create sustainable revenue streams.  Sustainable revenue streams allow you to grow and will continue to produce revenue for you even if you decide to change marketing strategies or go with another digital marketing agency.

Growth Phase:  Businesses that are in the growth phase of the business cycle are beginning to notice that the competition is steep.  You want to continue to expand and in order to do this many businesses contact a digital marketing agency because they want to grow internationally.  This can be accomplished two ways.

  • Number one, the marketers can implement a marketing plan and execute it in a foreign country that speaks the same language as your existing customer base.
  • Number two, the marketers can expand your reach and offer your products and services in other countries that speak a different language.

Established Phase:  Businesses that are established have made it.  You have established yourself in your sector, learned how to compete with the competition, revenues are growing, new customers are coming in and sales are continuing to grow.  Typically, the business owners that are in this phase want to rest because they have overcome a great deal to be in a position where everything in working.  This is when you need a professional digital marketing agency more than any other time during the life cycle of your business.  Why?

Most business owners that are in this phase get comfortable and run out of ideas or lack the time to implement the ideas that will take their business to the next level.  Farming it out to an online marketing agency that understands your business can take your business global.  It can also take a look at the data you have generated over the course of your business development and implement strategies that can help you sell more at home and reduce your expenses so you can grow internationally.

Expansion Phase:  Businesses that have expanded want to continue to expand through the introduction of new products, services, partnerships with market influencers, product distribution channels, etc.  An international digital marketing agency can help these business owners go from a national platform to a global brand.  We have the relationships, research data, and know-how from past experience to grow your brand into a global leader.

Mature Phase:  Businesses that are in the mature phase have infrastructure, team members, possibly a board or directors, shareholders, stable or falling revenues and have to decide if they want to redesign their business model and redefine who they are in the market.  If you want to grow, an outside perspective looking in on your industry from a marketing point of view can be necessary.

A select group of online marketing experts have seen so many businesses in this phase and understand with a few minor adjustments the business that has seen lackluster growth could gain tremendous untapped market share at home and easily implement a marketing strategy abroad to double their revenues in a short period of time.  Many times business owners that are in this phase have lost the ability or are too tired to “continue implementing like hell” as Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric has been quoted as saying.

Exit Phase:  Business owners that are prepared to close their doors or sell the company they have built sometimes realize taking an international approach can add value to the sale of their company, reinvigorate management so they can keep their doors open, or dig themselves out of a hole and become profitable again.

A competent digital marketing agency that operates internationally provides services that can accomplish all three of the above mentioned goals and we can do it efficiently with a great deal of effectiveness.  You know they are competent if they have saved other companies, helped increase value for business owners on the verge of selling their company, and quite literally have brought companies back from the dead to go on and prosper internationally.

Here is what a competent international marketing agency does.  They get you more visitors to your website, a lot more.  They can direct them to your landing pages so they can get you leads, a lot of leads.  They also direct the appropriate visitors who are ready to buy to your product pages so they can get you new customers, a lot of new customers.  They add value.  They make your company more valuable.  That’s what they do at the core level.  All of the services they offer contribute to those two things and those two things only.

They do this because they have found if they excel at doing those two things the rest has a way of taking care of itself.  Publicity, search engine optimization, international search engine optimization, search engine marketing, international search engine marketing, social media marketing, international social media marketing, content creation, multilingual content creation are all tools that they use but the results are always the same – Success.

James Garner is an independent marketer that has been marketing online since 1999.  Prior to that he had served as a director of direct response advertising for five years using television, radio, and display advertisements in newspapers to grow businesses in North America and Europe.  He now writes content and works independently serving global brands and small business owners he likes as well as online communities.  James can be contacted at 



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