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The majority of content that is generated online is a result of an incredibly small group of genuine, transparent (in a good way) : ), and authentic pioneers that have allowed us to expand our minds and find unique ways of helping others.  Business owners have benefited greatly from the online revolution that has taken place in the world of search engine marketing.  Even though it started long before these major contributors to the field got their start it would be an injustice not to mention them and recognize them for their talents, work ethic and major contribution they have made to the global economic system.  Today, we will be discussing the contributions and sacrifices that some of the top members in the field of digital marketing, advertising, optimization, and backlinks have changed the way the world does business.  We will be interviewing them and introducing, however unlikely that might be, to you for the first time their story, what they have done to enhance the lives of the world’s population, and what you can expect to see over the next few years in terms of digital marketing trends.
Our first award winning, social media extraordinair, and blogging god is no other than Jon Morrow.  In case you aren’t familiar with his truly inspiring story, Jon suffered a terrible accident breaking his legs in 14 places.  He has been blogging vocally because he has lost the ability to move from the neck down.  What started as a hobby quickly became an all-consuming passion and drive to “help people” as Jon commonly puts it publically with their business related problems and how to make more money online. Sixteen to eighteen hour days was not uncommon when Joh first began blogging in 2006 and since that day he has helped millions either directly or indirectly through ideas he has shared online about different ways a business owner could engage effectively in digital marketing.
Digital marketing for me was one of my greatest passions he was quoted as saying in a publication online.  “Being able to get right to the heart of your audiences problem” is the advice he gives to digital marketing bloggers worldwide.  He suggests if you are able to see what area an audience is struggling with specifically and you can help solve that problem in a clear and concise way you will be successful online.  Maybe not as successful as him but…maybe as successful as him : )  We can say that because his story is a story of inspiration.  The truth is it would be difficult to duplicate the success of a Jon Morrow but to follow his example and make a meaningful contribution to others and watch them grow and succeed is part of the reason why we are here.
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Jeff Bullas is also an inspiring figure in the world of social media and digital marketing.  Jeff comes from Australia but is a globally recognized name.  His blog posts and and videos have been viewed and shared in many different countries and he is certainly considered one of the premium marketers in the world.  He began blogging and participating on Facebook and Twitter early on when he was in the middle of a divorce, out of work, and $50,000 in debt.
He then began getting nominated for several different awards and was asked to speak at various conferences to share his insights on how to become more effective with social marketing and how to add value to the lives of other people online.  The more he wrote and blogged the more readers he gained and he built his following by “reading a lot” he is quoted as saying.  He says if you want to write a lot read a lot and for him and millions of others it is a tactic and a practice that is paying off in followers and contributions to a sector of the worlds engaged readers interested in the betterment of our global society.
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