The Award

(I know the subject is business and business success, but this friend paid tribute to her great love who traveled and died.) It was her great love.

There are only two paths: that of those who fear and those who love!
Do not be coward ….

Achieving financial success is good. Having money is legal. But it is not the most valuable asset of this life. Because all the people who have money and lost the loved one, they would exchange all the money that they have, for only a few minutes or seconds with that person. Others would give for their father, mother or brother. Many would like this exchange to exist.

Therefore, love is the prize of this life. The prize of this life is love !! Happy to meet you! Only those who have or have had this joy. Life is more peaceful and the smiles do not end. True love is in this person who will help you when you need them at all times in your life. She will not give you up, she will not abandon you. On the contrary, in real love, when people have problems they come together even more. Some had this great love and lost … to death. It’s a horrible pain!

Because only death can drive away true love. A real love will be with you always, with money or without money. I slept hand in hand with my love … I enjoyed sleeping in a hug, but he said that my breathing would not let him sleep, so we slept with our hands. One was very happy with it. I laughed a lot. His presence did me good.

His smile brightened my heart. When he slept, I watched him …

When you love, you want to eternalize time. You want the time not to pass, the day does not end and the hours to stop. My love died, but it was worth it, because I was happy, I loved and I was loved! I received the prize of this life. Sadly short but worth it!

Many people find love, but for fear of suffering and others so selfish for fear of losing money (today the law protects us), give up on it. Also others so weak that they deny this feeling and live a vain and solitary life. This is cowardice and weakness because only a coward gives up a love for fear of suffering or losing

You can achieve all the success and money in the world, but the total happiness you will find in a family. True love, complicity you will find only in the family. In the family you have loyalty, respect and on the days that you are sad and sick a company to take care of you. In the family, you find sincere smiles. In love, you find pure smiles.

Complete and indescribable happiness knows who held a child in his arms. These parents know what that is. Only joy! Who loves, dreams of this moment.

I dreamed of all this when I found my love. I cared for him with love. And though he said he would never leave me, he left one day. I think he’s dead …

And how hard it is when someone we love goes away. There is an endless sadness, an immense mourning. It is difficult to continue living, everything reminds you of your love and life is dull.

The joy of having a love, a family and holding a child in your arms are surely the greatest and most valuable gift of this life. If you do not have it, you should think about it … leave a little pride, greed and power aside and focus on your happiness, try to be happy completely. Worth it!

So people who had a great love, would give everything they have for just a few seconds back to them. Just a few seconds … That’s life’s prize! This is Love.

Only love makes the heart beat stronger!!

Our moments will be eternalized…

Come home, your place is here

We need to dance, you are my pair … https: // V = WSLMN6g_Od4,


If the first project failed, go to the project 2. Giving up is for the weak and cowardly, never give up on dreams, never give up on love.

Together, we are stronger … Family and love are the prizes of this life.

Do not give up on us !!!   

Come back soon! I am waiting!!

I’m waiting for you. I will Always Love You !!