Small Businesses Going Global

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If you are a small business owner and you want to take your business and expand into other countries you can have a presence there online before you actually open offices and increase overhead.  I realize that sounds quite simple but sometimes it is difficult to see the most obvious things.  If you tailor your internet marketing towards a country specific geographical location whether it’s a city, state, or territory within a new country you can get an idea by testing how internet users respond to your products or services.  You can adjust how you present your products and services to a different culture.  Different cultures buy differently and when it comes to buying online you have to find the cultures buying triggers and see what they respond to in order to gage how they go about making purchases.

The best way to approach product offers in foreign markets is through trial and error if you are a hands on do it yourself type of business owner.  Another way is to hire a consulting firm or SEO company that is from the region you want to target.  This can save you a lot of time and energy by using the expertise of a digital marketing agency who already knows how to present your product in another country.

Best of all you won’t have to continuously revise the process of how you approach your product offering.  It is one thing to get a new culture to respond and gain their attention.  After that, of course, you have to take them through a buying process that you are familiar with that might not be familiar to them.  During this process you can lose a lot of interested customers and slow the process of gaining market share in your targeted region.  A search engine optimization company from that country is a better way to go when you need assistance offering new or existing products that have proven to be successful at home.

We are a company that offers various services digital marketing services for big brands in North America in and other parts of the world.  But, when a client wants to enter a new market in another country we never use our staff from North America.  The learning curve is too big if you want your client to be successful online in a new country.  We use strategic partners that we rely on to support our current customers endeavors in a country outside of North America.  It is possible to coexist and mutually benefit from using a company that specializes in an area of digital marketing for a specific task for a customer of ours. 

We establish clear guidelines with the strategic partner in Brazil, for example.  They are not to interact with our existing client.  All communication from your strategic partner in communicated directly back to us and we are the ones who digest the information and know how to present the information in the best light to our customer.  The strategic partner gets paid a portion of the money before they begin the work, halfway through the project, and a final payment upon completion. 

This insures the strategic partner knows they will get paid at certain points when certain goals are reached.  This also allows you to establish a relationship based on trust.  You are telling the strategic partner I trust you enough to pay you some money upfront and they in turn are telling you we will complete a portion of the agreed upon work that you are entrusting us with and we will only be in communication with you and not your client.  After the first project is successful we have a tendency to become less neurotic about how we approach the process.  If our customer is happy with the results, the strategic partner receives payment for a job well done, and all communication for our client goes through us and the strategic partner is respectful of our agreement and does not contact our client upon completion of the project or in the future we will refer the strategic partner more business in the future.  Fill in the form below so we can provide you with more information.