Small Business Owners Better to Hire an Independent Digital Marketer or a Digital Marketing Agency

As a business owner you want to make sure you promote the products and services you sell to as many people as possible as fast and as consistently as possible.  Everyone knows that staying in business and growing your company’s revenue depends on your ability to acquire new customers.  There are businesses that have one or two big customers and that is fine if you are one of those businesses.  The only issue with having a business that depends on one or two big customers for their survival can quickly lose everything if they lose their client or clients.

The reason why you want to hire a digital marketing agency or a digital marketer is so that you can reach as many people as possible with your product.  You want to influence competitors’ customers to switch over to your brand and buy from your company.  You want to see continuous expansion and growth and sometimes depending on where your business is in the business life cycle a digital marketer or digital marketing agency will provide assistance spreading the message online so that you can gain more customers from unexpected geographical regions.

The advantages and disadvantages are numerous in both directions when you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency or a digital marketer.   Here we explain the differences between your two options.  The first thing to consider is to hire a digital marketer.  This is an online marketing professional who works independently and does not have their own company.  Or maybe they have formed a company and have one or two employees but it is basically a one man show.  This can be advantageous for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, you can depend on a digital marketer that is working independently to cater more towards your needs.  Chances are they have a number of smaller customers and the marketer will have the time necessary to manage your account.

A digital marketer should have some qualifications.  Perhaps they have a degree in marketing, a certification from one of the major search engines, and accounts they have managed in the past that refer them or give them a stamp of approval.

The downside of working with an independent digital marketer is they are able to provide you with the same services a digital marketing agency can provide you with but it will take them longer to complete tasks and usually they will charge you more than a digital marketing agency to complete the same service because the completion is tremendous for digital marketing professionals.  Digital marketers that work independently do not come across a large number of clients throughout a given year.  They normally work on smaller local projects that are referred to them by people they know and have had a relationship with before.

A digital marketing agency on the other hand has and is able to provide you with a wide range of services that your business needs to grow.  They have a team of specialists that can do the same amount of work for you and get better results because they are working together at the same time.  When you think about how any strategy needs to be implemented online in order for your business to have an impact and get noticed by search engines you will quickly see you need a variety of people who are engaging in an online marketing plan for you all at the same time.  You really need an agency that can create content, distribute the content, create back links, efficiently run a paid online advertising campaign, and possibly analyze analytics reports so that you can see what’s working and where there is room for improvement.  You need insane amounts of traffic driven to your site that is high quality traffic.  You want traffic that converts into new accounts or becomes a prospective buyer by requesting information you are offering in exchange for their contact information.  You need a team that is willing to get behind you and say we understand what you want to accomplish and we can do it because we are working together as a team to achieve your goal.

It is possible that finding the right fit for your company and a digital marketing agency can be the biggest challenge you encounter if you choose to work with a digital marketing agency as opposed to an independent digital marketer.  Digital marketing agencies usually have a minimum retainer amount that you pay upfront.  Many digital marketing agencies do not work with small businesses focusing their efforts on larger brands that have household recognition on multiple continents.

The ideal digital marketing agency for a small business owner is a digital marketing agency that has small businesses as clients, larger brands, and an international clientele.  When you find a digital marketing agency that has these three types of clients you can be pretty certain that they understand the needs of a small business owner, they know what it takes to turn the small business owner into a recognizable national brand, and they have the experience and contacts to take a national brand into the global marketplace.

This is where you need to be as a business owner.  A digital marketing agency that has the ability to propel your business to the next level, and then again to the next level is an agency worth retaining and hanging on too.

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