International Search Engine Optimization

International Search Engine Optimization


Small business owners that want to remain competitive domestically have to take advantage of opportunities internationally.  An international SEO approach required a business owner to have faith in the people who are creating and implementing the plan to expand and seize opportunities in other countries.

If not the business owner who probably has a diverse range of skill sets has to learn and make time for creating and implementing a cross cultural, multilingual marketing plan.

This isn’t impossible by any means.  For this reason this Bible was created.  And not just any Bible, the International Search Engine Optimization Bible has been created to assist business owners with expanding their business into unchartered territory’s where a great deal of faith and planning are required.

Business owners that want to remain competitive must expand their way of thinking and consider doing things that were almost impossible 15 years ago but are readily viable and available today.  This guide will allow you to navigate international waters and have success in foreign markets that are open and consuming products and services at a rapid pace.

There are opportunities abroad and available to those that are willing to learn and take action in a direction that is new or maybe not new but to fully commit to something that is even familiar is a commitment that very few are able to take.  Those that have taken the necessary steps outlined and detailed in the ISEO Bible have had success far beyond what they were expecting.

They have managed to make connections globally and forge relationships in business with people in other countries that have been able to add tremendous value to their existing business at home.

The International Search Engine Optimization Bible has had an impact on business owners and transcends cultural barriers.  The way it was written was in a way that is understandable to almost anyone at an elementary to a scholarly level.  The feedback from readers that exists indicates they all seem to have an immediate understanding of what is written in this all-inclusive SEO book for international readers.

International business owners that want to growth their business and establish a presence in another country can easily complete this task after reading the good book for marketers and mere mortals alike.  When you want to learn how to escape the political or economic limitations placed on a specific geographical region you can when you follow the instructions provided within the ISEO Bible.

It is truly a life saver for small business owners looking to grow revenue, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in markets that are suffering solely as a result of where they are located on the globe.  You can have two identical businesses, one in Russia and the other in Germany, with the same exact conditions but produce different results.

The main reason is because one of the businesses got their hands on the ISEO Bible, studied it, applied the principles and changed the direction and financial results that their business was experiencing.  If you have a business that could be performing better and you would like to get better results out of your business, get the ISEO Bible first.

There is no way millions of business owner are getting it wrong with the principles and marketing strategies contained in this book.  They are easy to apply, easy to understand, and easy to implement if you are serious about making your business grow and are willing to work at it every day.

You can also hire an ISEO Bible Certified Marketer and have them do the work for you.  If you are more of the hands on type and you have the time, you can do it.



Usually, when someone discovers a strategy and applies it they get amazing results.  If they share it with others and those people share it with others in time the strategy ceases to be effective.

What makes the ISEO Bible different is the fact that it is the ultimate guide on how to grow a business internationally and it transcends sectors.

The principles can be applied to a business in any sector across the globe.  From a purely statistical perspective, the number of small business owners that exist in the world exceeds the possible point of saturation if there is one.

Aside from introducing principles and strategies the International Search Engine Optimization Bible includes a blueprint for success and is like no other book in its field.

There are International Search Engine Marketers that live and die by the words in which this guide contains.  When you engage in digital marketing international accepted best practices, your business will get better results globally.




International search engine optimization keywords are selected by their relevance to what it is that you are trying to accomplish.  If what you want to do is remain relevant for a specific keyword it should be because that keyword is in line with the message you are trying to send out to viewers.  If you ever have a message you want to send out to an audience you have to be clear on what it is before you begin creating content.  Creating content just for the sake of creating content and not directing it at a specific location or even worse directing it at a specific location and not getting a favorable response is a sure-fire way to decrease the amount conversions or responses measured in the form of visitors to your website.

Be very clear from the beginning.  Know exactly what it is that you want in terms of you ultimate goal.  If you want someone to buy flowers from you then all of the content you create in the form of videos, text on pages, blog posts, and social media interaction should be created with the idea of “buying flowers” for the people who have a need or desire to “Buy Flowers” in mind.  When you create a website or any other type of platform where your content will be viewed make sure you are educating your audience and leading them to the ultimate destination of what it is that they want to do, buy flowers.

This begins with the selection of a domain name, how you write the Meta tags for your websites pages, how you design your homepage, and how you get visitors to your site.  If I want to buy “flowers”, flowers should be the first thing I see on a website after I click on a returned search query from a search engine and land on a websites homepage.  If it’s not, I am going to click back to the search engines listings and I will try another website.

Warning:  If a significant amount of people find you in the search engines search results, click on your listing, get taken to your website, and then quickly click back the search engine will assume what they saw is not relevant to their search query.  As a result, you will fall in the search rankings and visitors will not be able to find your website as easily.

Solution:  If you have an analytics account which tracks user behavior and you are able to spot this type of behavior for a page that is ranking well in search engines you can change the page so that it better suits the visitors expectation on what they want to find when they land on your site.  Catching this early on will allow you to stay relevant in the search results and retain visitors that land on a page of your website.  From there it is just a matter of allowing them to see you are a trusted and credible source worth buying from and then you can provide a process that allows them to buy from your website.

Success Story

You Want Your Website to Make You Money

You want to make Money teaching guitar lessons in your city, state, country, or the world?

Here is a company that wanted to make Money teaching guitar lessons in their city and became the largest guitar lesson teachers in the world.

First Step:  They bought a domain name.

Step 2: They hired a Digital Marketing Agency to build them a website.

The Digital Marketing Agency connected the website that they built to the domain name

Now, when people type in the domain name at the top of the screen they see the website pictured below:


The first day the website (pictured above) and the domain name were connected you could only find the website by typing the exact name into the browser window at the top of the screen.


If you typed in the domain name or the key words “guitar lessons” into the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search box you would not find that website on the first page or the second or the third page of Googe, Yahoo, or Bing.  You would not be able to find the website in any of the search engines.  You would find other websites that offered “guitar lessons”.

Today if you type in “guitar lesson” you will see the website on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.




How did this happen?

The website owner of had a Digital Marketing Company that knew how to get large websites to link to

Google, Yahoo, and Bing all saw large and credible websites began linking to and this told Googe, Yahoo, and Bing that offered something valuable and that was why big websites that were credible began and continued to link to

What Resulted?

Google, Yahoo, and Bing all placed on the third page of the search results when someone typed in “guitar lessons” to each search engines search box.


As the Digital Marketing Agency continued to find large websites that were willing to link to Google, Yahoo, and Bing all noticed na increase in more large and credible websites linking to so they moved the website to the second page of search results and then they moved the website to the first page of the search results when anyone in the world typed in “guitar lessons” to the search box.


The Digital Marketing Agency continued adding links and the website began receiving visitors but many of the visitors would quickly leave the website.


The websites that were ranked higher on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing when anyone in the world searched for “guitar lessons” offered more value than

The Digital Marketing Agency told that they had to reorganize their website and offer more than the websites that were outranking

What did do?

Step 3:  It reorganized and offered more than the competing websites that ranked higher in the search results when anyone typed in “guitar lessons” from anywhere in the world.


The Results:  They are now the largest provider of guitar lessons in the world. no longer needs to pay the Digital Marketing Agency to add links from large and credible websites.  Additionally, does not spend $1 for advertising and probably will never have to spend Money to place advertisements but they will continue to make large amounts of Money 24 hours a day throughout the year.  They are never closed.  Visitors buy lessons everyday including weekends and holidays.

This could be you but you have to work with a Digital Marketing Agency that has done this before for other websites and can do it for you.

They have to understand how this very simple process works and apply it so that you can make Money from your website.

When this is done correctly you will continue to make Money from the efforts of the Digital Marketing Agency long after you no longer use their services.

How to Select a Domain Name

Select the domain name so that it is reflective of what you want to sell or offer to a specific demographic or group of people who are searching online.  If you can be specific you have a better chance of having that demographic click on your website when they see your websites name listed among the returned search results.

The clever names that you spend a lot of time trying to think about, that have nothing to do with your goal; can be good in many cases.  Do yourself a favor; increase your chances of success by just buying a domain name that is relevant to your ultimate goal.  Let people who are more clever than you come up with clever names.  You are going to buy a domain name that is relevant to your goal and your goal is to sell something.  The name of that something better be included in the domain name.

Here are a few domain name registrars that you can use to register your domain name:

GoDaddy –

Register –

Domain –

These domain name registrars have been around for a long time and have helped millions of people with domain name registration, hosting, customized email services and a number of other online small business services.


Now that You Have a Domain Name Lets Create the Homepage

I want to create a homepage that is presentable, functional across all types of viewing devices, and has what the person that clicked on my website wants on the homepage above the fold or at the top of whatever handheld device they are using.

If I have people who want to buy flowers coming to my website the homepage will display a beautifully presented image of flowers, their price, and a call to action (“buy now” button) so that the person that arrives on the site can do what they came there to do.  They came to the website to buy flowers by the way.

They do not want to see a homepage that explains how to grow flowers, how to plant flowers, or how to keep flowers alive longer.  In other words, make sure the content on your homepage does not include any of that information as the first thing they see on your homepage.  If you want to include those topics on your homepage go ahead.

Another way to include those topics is to dedicate an optimized page for each one of those specific topics on your website and that way you will have a better chance for ranking in the search results when someone is searching for anyone of those specific topics.


Properly Name the Photos on Your Website

The pictures you include on the homepage of your site should be original photos.  That means you have to take the photos yourself or have someone take the photos for you.  You want your site to contain as much original content as possible.  When you use a photo on your website make sure the photo is labeled correctly for optimization purposes.

When you correctly label the image you gain an advantage.  Your image is an original image and will be included in the search engines search results under the image tab when someone does a search for whatever label you assigned to the photo.  Some search engines automatically display the images along with listing the websites the search engine believes to be most relevant in the search results page after someone does a search.

Most people do not label the photos at all.  Give yourself an advantage by labeling the photos you use and make sure they are labeled correctly and describe what is in the photo as accurately as possible.  An example when you are using photos of flowers, and “buy flowers” is what you want people to do, is to label a photo of a bouquet of flowers “bouquet of flowers” or “flower bouquet’’.  This will indicate to a search engine what the photo is about even though the search engine may already know what the photo is about.




Video Production for Multi-Lingual Purposes

Include a video on your homepage also.  Many people today do not like to read because clicking on a video can give them access to information while they are doing other things.  Studies have shown that people with hand-held devices prefer videos and search engines will look upon your site as more favorable if you are making the user’s experience more enjoyable.

If you do not know how to create a video there are all kinds of tutorials online or you can just ask your web designer to create a video for your homepage and that will allow you to be able to focus on the other things that are important.  When you or someone on your team creates a video remember to keep in mind the fact that at some point you are going to have an international presence.

If you can create videos that are attractive, hook people, and can transcend culture and language barriers you won’t have to recreate the videos you use on your homepage and other pages for all of the other countries you are interested in targeting.  For those of you that want to create videos on your own you can use a couple of different options:

Sony Vegas Pro –

Apple iMovie  –

YouTube Video Editor –


Chapter 2 – Creating a Platform to Display Your Content

There are a number of different platforms you can use to create a website quickly if you do not want to hire a web designer.  All of the options that are available are different depending on which provider you use.  By no means are these the only providers you should consider but we thought we could mention them to get you going in the right direction:

Word Press –

Weebley –

Wix –


How to create Meta tags for your Homepage and other Relevant Pages

There are three important tags that you must include for every website and relevant page that you build.  Here we will explain what those three Meta tags are, how to write them, and how to implement them into your websites code.


The Title Tag

The first tag is the title tag that you will be writing.  That tag, the Meta Title Tag, will then be inserted into your homepages code by a web designer or programmer.  Get the Title Tag written correctly before you hand the instructions over to the web designer to have that Tag inserted into your homepages code.  In fact make sure all of your Meta Tags have been written correctly before you instruct the web designer to add the three Tags to your homepages code.

Many platforms currently allow you to do it yourself.  If you are creating and inserting Tags yourself, get it written correctly the first time so you do not have to go back and change it.  What is your goal?  You want visitors to your website to buy flowers.  The Title Tag on your homepage tells search engines what your site is about so that when a person searches for what it is that you are selling the search engine will know to return your page in the listing of possible options to choose from for the person who had done the search.

A good example of a Title tag that you can write for your website that sells flowers is simple, exactly in line with your goal, and will appear in the search result listing that the search engine returns to the person that wants to buy flowers.

One example could be: Buy Flowers Online, Get a Free Rose When You Buy

Another example could be:  Buy Flowers for Half the Price on Any Occasion

Another Example Could be:  Buy Flowers Same Day Delivery Quality Guaranteed

Another Example could be:  Buy Flowers from

You are telling them that they can “buy flowers” from your website and the additional information is provided to entice them to select your website over the other 10 or 15 competitors that are listed of the search engines listing page of most relevant queries the search engine returned for the person that typed in “buy flowers”.

Title tags are limited to between 50 and 55 characters.  A character includes letters, commas, numbers, and spaces.  Make every character count.


The Description Tag

The second Meta Tag that you will be creating is the Description Tag for your homepage or any other relevant pages.  Here the Homepage Description Tag is what we will be addressing.  The Homepage Description Tag describes what your site is about to search engines and the description will also be displayed in the search engines search result page so make sure you describe your website as accurately and as attractively as possible.  A description tag for another page on your website will describe what that specific page is about and the same suggestions apply.

When designing or creating the Description Meta tag for your homepage knowing people who want to “Buy Flowers” will be visiting your sites homepage, you are able to provide more information in the description section.  Currently you are able to include between 150 – 160 characters in the Description Tag.

A good example that you can provide for your homepages description tag for people who want to buy flowers could read as follows:

One Good Example Could Be:  Buy a variety of different flowers today. You can buy Roses, Chrysanthemums, Narcissus, Tulips, Lilies, or a bouquet. Free Next Day Shipping.

This description tag appearing in the search results allows people who want to buy flowers to see the most popularly ordered flowers are flowers you carry and that they can have the flowers they need shipped out the same day as they purchase.

They see all of this before they even get to your homepage.  They know that you are providing something relevant to them.  People that buy flowers online do not have time to go to a florist.  They can see by how your website is described in the search results that they can buy flowers online from you, you sell the most popular flowers, they are going to get something for free, and they will or the person they are sending the flowers too will have them quickly.


The Keyword Tag

The third Meta tag you need to create is the Keyword Meta Tag.  This allows search engines to determine even more specifically what your homepage or other relevant pages are about so they can return the most relevant page to the person that is searching for “Buy flowers”.

There is no limit to the number of keywords you can include in this section.  Many experts believe you do not even need to include Meta Keyword Tags because search engines already know what your page is about.  Including more than 5 keywords is acceptable.  Websites that include 20 or 30 keywords have been known to get penalized from various search engines which can lead to a reduction in your websites placement in the result listing when someone does a search for the topic you are trying to rank for organically.

When you are creating a homepage and website where people can “buy flowers” include keywords that relate as closely as possible to your overall goal. The following example should suffice to give you an idea of what we are suggesting:

buy flowers, buy flowers online, free flowers online, buy flowers free shipping, buy bouquet of flowers online

As you can see we have selected five “keywords”.  Keywords can include a single word or a phrase.  When you create the Keyword Meta tag for your homepage make sure you use the most commonly relevant words that you will be using on your homepage.  Consistency is important so that search engines are clear about what your website is about and you rank well for the term that you have concluded will provide you with the greatest results in terms of high quality traffic that is likely to convert.

Also, when you create keywords that get inserted into the Keyword Meta Tag section you can but don’t have to capitalize the words.  The keywords never show up in a viewable place for visitors or customers to see.  The keywords are only there to help search engines and to make sure you have optimized your homepage correctly.


Additional Information You Need to Provide on Your Homepage

Now you have a domain name that inspires confidence and indicates what your site is about.   You have the products that you are selling at the top of the page so visitors can see what it is that you are offering when they click-through from a search engine or other referral source, your Meta Data Tags have been correctly written and included in your homepages code, when someone searches for “Buy flowers” they see that the title and description of your website is listed in the search engines search results which will increase click trough’s, now you want to add one more thing.  Credibility

If you are ranking towards the top for a term in a search engine you already have instant credibility.  As long as your site is presentable and you are offering at the top of the page what your visitors are expecting to see you have won half the battle.  There are things that all website have that say, “I am credible and relevant”.

Let’s take a look at the most common things all credible websites have that people don’t notice but only notice if they are missing.  A physical address, phone number, fax number, custom email address usually designated for support, secure site logo for payment, credit card logos indicating that they are able to pay with a credit or debit card, and a few industry organization logos, and a few client logos or testimonials from customers.  It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive amount but all of these things should be there or people will notice and could possibly move on to another website that sells the same product or service that you provide.


Payment Processing

Let’s make sure you have a way to get paid.  You have to integrate a shopping cart option for your online store that is connected to a bank account.  The reason why this is important is because although you may be thinking locally or nationally now, if you follow the guidelines in this book you will soon be prepared to accept payments from all over the world.  In fact, you will be able to expand your brand into other countries and you want to make sure that there is a way for people in other countries to buy the products and services you are offering.

Usually, if your business is located in the United States or the European Union you will have a payment gateway that people from all countries will be able to use buy your products.  If you are starting a business or have an existing business in a country that is growing and not yet a mature nation you might have a limited capacity to receive customers from other countries simply due to the fact that banking laws are more restrictive and you in turn have fewer options to offer customers internationally.

We will take a look at what you can do later on in this book to insure your customers can buy what you are selling from anywhere in the world.  Some business owners begin, offering their products and services to the immediate market with the tools they have at their disposal knowing they will have to re-engineer how they get paid down the road as their business expands and they have more capital to allocate to service customers in other countries.


Selecting a Bank for Your Business

If you live in a geographical area that has global banks choose the largest one so that you can reach as many customer as possible.  If you are beginning a business or have a business in a country where your banking options are limited, don’t worry.  There are solutions that will allow you to expand and accept payments from interested prospects throughout the world.  You want to have a reputable and reliable way to accept funds from customers that want to buy your products and we will tell you how to do that later on in this book.


Additional Relevant Pages

Now that you have a homepage that you are satisfied with and will be effective, you have two options on how to generate traffic to your website so you can convert that traffic into customers.  The first approach is to attack the situation by generating organic traffic that comes from ranking well in your countries most popular search engines.  Another option is to join a community or several communities that are familiar with your niche and participate in those communities socially.  You can often get visitor referrals if you do this correctly.

Taking an organic approach takes time.  You are looking at a minimum of two to three months to reach the first page of a search engines organic listings for a specific key term or long tail key word.  The dedication required to be successful in the organic results varies depending on how competitive the keyword is in which you are trying to rank.

Creating, outside of your homepage, other additional relevant less competitive pages allow you to take a multiple approach and you can begin ranking organically for several different keywords at once.  Many search engines give you a quality evaluation for each page and they look at over two hundred different factors when determining where your page should rank in comparison to other pages that are already ranking for the same key term.

Several factors that are commonly discussed amongst marketers are the number of words that make up a page, how the page is organized, has it been optimized correctly, is the information providing a service to the readers, the age of the page, the number of links and the quality of links that are coming into the page, the links on the page that are linking out to other sources, and an entire list that we will cover later in this chapter so you can become more knowledgeable about what it takes to succeed online in your country of origin or in another country as your business grows and you expand your product line into other countries taking an international approach.

With as little as fifteen to twenty-five well written relevant to your websites topic pages you can begin ranking and generating organic traffic to you website with the possibility of being able to use those relevant pages in the future once you are ready to expand internationally.  A relevant page written in your native language that produces visitors in your country often has the same result when translated into another target country’s language and implemented in that specific country.  There is a correct way to do this.  It is not as simple as just throwing the page into an online translate tool and adding it to your website but we will cover that in a later chapter so you are compliant with the international best practices and standards need for success abroad.

Additional, relevant pages is also a great way to create credibility if a user wants to dig more deeply into who your company is and what they will find if they begin doing research.  If you have twenty-five awesome pages that you have created and they type the name of your website into a search engine they will have two and a half pages of search results to shift through in order to evaluate the quality of all of your pages content.  Many times, having those additional relevant pages helps the buyer purchase more quickly and buy a larger amount than what they previously had intended to buy.  Take the time to create high quality, highly relevant pages that are organized, presentable, and have a call to action.


Internal Linking Within Your Website

You have created an awesome homepage and now you have created relevant pages that are closely related to the main topic that is listed on your homepage.  Even though all of the relevant pages that you created are closely related to what the site is about, each page is different and that gives you the opportunity to link the pages that make up your website internally.  Linking from one section or one relevant page to another is something that will greatly benefit you in the eyes of search engines or should I say search engine spiders that will crawly your site and determine if the quality of interlinked relevant pages helps user in the navigation process throughout your website.  You get big points for interlinking pages and linking out to authoritative established sites if it is done in a way that provides a service to your visitors.





When an outside source links to you it tells search engines that you are able to provide value.  Creating valuable content that solves a problem, even if it is a small problem will get noticed online and as a result other websites, blogs, social media platforms, forums, mainstream news sources will notice and link to your website.  This tells search engines you are doing something correctly.  You are providing value where value is needed.  The number of backlinks and where they are coming from which is a quality indicator signals to search engines that your website should be seen as a resource and resources always rank well organically assuming you have done everything else correctly, which you have.

There are other things that you can do to promote your website, useful content, and brand online.  There are several other ways to promote and distribute your content online.  Some of these methods will be relevant today and tomorrow not even worth considering in your digital marketing plan.  With this in mind, you have to research what is relevant now in terms of distribution, analyze the methods that are bringing others success, emulate, and implement in order to get the maximum results from your distribution methods.


Measuring the results

When you partake in an online marketing plan domestic or international you must have an idea of what it is that you are doing that is effective so that you can focus your efforts in that area. If something isn’t working you want to know right away.  One solution to consider is implementing some type of Analytic tracking system so that you can gather data, have it synthesized, analyze the data, and determine what direction you want to go in from there to get better and more efficient results.  If you are participating in content creation, distribution, and methods that promote organic traffic you want to know what is effective and what you can improve upon or give up on to free up time so that you can focus on what is working.  Google Analytics, for example, allows you to see and measure the results of all of your efforts.

If you can now see what is working and what you should stay away from, it means you are now getting clients, converting visitors to prospective clients and you may have room to advertise online.  If this is the case, the idea of implementing an online advertising campaign will help you grow your company at a faster pace.

If you are just seen in one place, organic rankings on the first page of a search engine, adding an online marketing campaign that targets what your site is all about will increase sales, give consumers more confidence in your company because they know you have an advertising budget, you become more familiar to them because when they do a search for something specific your business sells and you are seen on that search page three or four times it tells prospects you are successful and competent.


All Search Engines Want You to Place Online Ads Through the Service They Offer

There are many options available when you are ready to begin advertising online.  The largest and most popular search engines in a specific country allow you to advertise through them in order to increase visibility for your small business.  All major search engines have certification programs that all digital marketing agencies are required to have been certified from in order to handle your account.  An online marketer who will be responsible for creating your ads that appear all across the internet is a valuable resource.  Having a certified expert trained by one of the major search engines who really understands how to analyze your website and create effective marketing techniques that provide you with results you can measure is an invaluable resource.


The Importance of Constantly Creating Relevant Content

As a business owner you have a responsibility to constantly create more and more value for your customers.  As your brand grows and attracts a wider audience questions about the products and services you offer also increase.  Those questions have to be met with a solution in the form of content you create as one of the experts or authorities in your industry.  You want to do this as quickly as possible.  When a customer has a question that you have not addresses online it is an indicator that many more people have the same question but just haven’t asked yet.  Do yourself a favor and get the question answered right away.  You will see sales increase and you will save time not having to answer the same question over and over again.  This will allow you to focus on other parts of the business so you can grow and expand.


Chapter 3

International Search Engine Optimization Competence

The International Search Engine Optimization Bible was written for those of you who want to make a difference with your clients that want to expand their business globally.  It was also written for small business owners who want to take on the challenge of expanding into global markets on their own.

This is a guide that will provide you with the necessary information you will need to have a successful international presence or strengthen your existing presence internationally.

A lot can be learned from studying the ways of the past or the theory of the future but this book, this bible, was designed to assist professionals worldwide who are sincerely interested in helping their existing clients expand their presence in the global market place.

If you are a business owner that is looking to expand and you want to do it yourself here are the things you will become acquainted with or reminded off throughout the course of this book.

This book will allow you to research countries that provide possible opportunities for market penetration, analyze country specific competitors, insure your international pages are correctly structured, create content for international purposes, remind you of the importance of using country and language tags, verify current international keyword rankings for your website, international keyword research performance enhancement, evaluate if a country has enough market potential for your business and the products you offer, correctly link between existing versions of various international webpages and websites, internationally structuring websites correctly, create a way to attract personnel from countries in which you will be selling products or services, how to select countries with the most potential for what you are offering, and finally how to deal with an array of issues that you will encounter from taking a multi-lingual approach.

We will also touch on country specific methods for tracking results, internationally promoting your content that you have created, and how to continue promoting your products and services even after you have achieved success globally.


Independent Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Agency or Do-It-Yourself

As a business owner you want to make sure you promote the products and services you sell to as many people as possible as fast and as consistently as possible.  Everyone knows that staying in business and growing your company’s revenue depends on your ability to acquire new customers.  There are businesses that have one or two big customers and that is fine if you are one of those businesses.  The only issue with having a business that depends on one or two big customers for their survival can quickly lose everything if they lose their client or clients.

The reason why you want to hire a digital marketing agency or a digital marketer is so that you can reach as many people as possible with your product.  You want to influence competitors’ customers to switch over to your brand and buy from your company.  You want to see continuous expansion and growth and sometimes depending on where your business is in the business life cycle a digital marketer or digital marketing agency will provide assistance spreading the message online so that you can gain more customers from unexpected geographical regions.

The advantages and disadvantages are numerous in both directions when you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency or a digital marketer.   Here we explain the differences between your two options.  The first thing to consider is to hire a digital marketer.  This is an online marketing professional who works independently and does not have their own company.  Or maybe they have formed a company and have one or two employees but it is basically a one man show.  This can be advantageous for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, you can depend on a digital marketer that is working independently to cater more towards your needs.  Chances are they have a number of smaller customers and the marketer will have the time necessary to manage your account.

A digital marketer should have some qualifications.  Perhaps they have a degree in marketing, a certification from one of the major search engines, and accounts they have managed in the past that refer them or give them a stamp of approval.

The downside of working with an independent digital marketer is they are able to provide you with the same services a digital marketing agency can provide you with but it will take them longer to complete tasks and usually they will charge you more than a digital marketing agency to complete the same service because the completion is tremendous for digital marketing professionals.  Digital marketers that work independently do not come across a large number of clients throughout a given year.  They normally work on smaller local projects that are referred to them by people they know and have had a relationship with before.

A digital marketing agency on the other hand has and is able to provide you with a wide range of services that your business needs to grow.  They have a team of specialists that can do the same amount of work for you and get better results because they are working together at the same time.  When you think about how any strategy needs to be implemented online in order for your business to have an impact and get noticed by search engines you will quickly see you need a variety of people who are engaging in an online marketing plan for you all at the same time.

You really need an agency that can create content, distribute the content, create backlinks, efficiently run a paid online advertising campaign, and possibly analyze analytics reports so that you can see what’s working and where there is room for improvement.  You need insane amounts of traffic driven to your site that is high quality traffic.  You want traffic that converts into new accounts or becomes a prospective buyer by requesting information you are offering in exchange for their contact information.  You need a team that is willing to get behind you and say we understand what you want to accomplish and we can do it because we are working together as a team to achieve your goal.

It is possible that finding the right fit for your company and a digital marketing agency can be the biggest challenge you encounter if you choose to work with a digital marketing agency as opposed to an independent digital marketer.  Digital marketing agencies usually have a minimum retainer amount that you pay upfront.  Many digital marketing agencies do not work with small businesses focusing their efforts on larger brands that have household recognition on multiple continents.

The ideal digital marketing agency for a small business owner is a digital marketing agency that has small businesses as clients, larger brands, and an international clientele.  When you find a digital marketing agency that has these three types of clients you can be pretty certain that they understand the needs of a small business owner, they know what it takes to turn the small business owner into a recognizable national brand, and they have the experience and contacts to take a national brand into the global marketplace.

This is where you need to be as a business owner.  A digital marketing agency that has the ability to propel your business to the next level, and then again to the next level is an agency worth retaining and hanging on too.

If you opt to do-it-yourself you will need to cover a lot of ground and you will have to dedicate a lot of time to a local, national, or international search engine optimization campaign.  The competition is incredible worldwide.  At best, if you put in eighteen hour days for six to eight months and your efforts are rewarded by generating revenue you can begin to hire an in-house team that can assist you with your ISEO plan for expanding your business.


International Search Engine Optimization vs. Regular Search Engine Optimization

A Traditional Approach to International Search Engine Optimization begins with a blogger, website owner, or social media fanatic that is online and passionately conveys a message in a specific language or through a specific medium.

Normally, if this person conveys their message in English, for example, they are limited and are able to only potentially able to reach the percentage of people in the world that speak English and are able to receive the influencer’s message through some form of distribution and are actually engaged by that person’s message.

Most of the search engine optimization rock stars that are highly recognized online today are recognized because they are able to connect to a specific audience through the use of language.

Many of their fans or followers are able to relate because they understand the influencer’s message and the influencer is generally recognized throughout their country of origin or globally because of the language they speak.

Having a truly International approach means being able to reach a segment of the world’s population that you desire to reach in every language through various forms of distribution so you can send a message globally that truly transcends cultural barriers.

With that in mind, you have to ask yourself “what are the possibilities for taking my product global?”  Some products do better in one country as opposed to another.  What you want to know is where your product will have the most success outside of the country you are currently established in.

There are several ways to determine if your product will sell in another country.  There are indicators that you notice when you do a search from another country for the product you are selling.

If the search engine you are using displays an unusually large amount of ads when your search query returns search results for your product you probably have a lot of demand in that country for your product.

You also have to look at population.  Just because there is a lot of demand indicated for a particular product does not mean you should spend your time, money, and resources competing for a top organic position if the country has a small population.

According to many industry experts, approximately 25% of the people searching for a specific key term click on the first organic listing.  This varies from country to country.  In developed countries where advertising is prevalent, consumers are more hesitant to click on the first search result if it is an advertisement because they are continuously being bombarded by advertisement everywhere they turn.

They lean more heavily towards the organic search results that are displayed.

Less industrialized nations have a higher conversion rate and click on the first listing even if it is an advertisement because most people in those countries are unaware of the fact that they are clicking on an advertisement and the ones that know generally don’t mind.


International Search Engine Optimization Expectations Moving Ahead

Every country has a different approach to how to be successful online.  What is an effective means on marketing online in one country can be drastically different from what is effective in another country.

The good news is the overall structure of how to organize your efforts is universal and can be applied to any country you enter for e-commerce.

Specifics and details may change from country to country and industry to industry but your overall site structure should be architecturally sound.  And the process of implementing content and distributing your brands message should follow the same procedures.

Your focus must be on presenting you message directly, simply, and as clear as possible to your target demographic in language they understand via a platform they enjoy and trust.

Social Media or the way people socialize varies greatly culturally.  What one culture finds funny another finds offensive.  To have experience living in the country in which you want to sell your products and services can provide you with a tremendous advantage in terms of knowing what triggers buyers and then implementing those triggers throughout the customers buying process once they have reached your website in that specific country.

If you are not interested in living abroad and doing it yourself, hire an international digital marketing agency who employs professional digital marketers from that specific country who have experience in your industry within that country.

You will get the greatest response by taking this approach, save time, and be able to measure the immediate actions they take in order to move you closer to your goal.


Chapter 4

International Search Engine Optimization Research Practices Introduced

This section will cover how professional marketers or business owners can rank internationally for specific keywords, how to research keywords internationally, which tools to use, how to make sure your site is indexed in every major search engine throughout the world, international optimization analysis, and evaluates your websites current performance internationally.

You will also discover how to see the potential of an international project so you know if it makes sense to offer your products or services in a specific country.


How to Rank Internationally

If you currently have a website that is not generating prospective customers or new customers internationally there are a few things you can do to begin gaining business from other countries.  Many suggest identifying competitors in foreign markets so that you can see what keywords they are ranking for in that country’s language.

When you research a competitor in a foreign market to see what term they are ranking for you have the advantage of knowing what is working for them but the same thing might not work for you and your business.  If you want to rank well internationally for the same keywords as competitors you have to remember to make sure you know what a potential keyword in a specific country can yield so that you know or have a fairly predictable idea of what ranking well for that term will generate for you in terms of revenue.

It’s not enough just to rank well for the same terms as competitors internationally.  You have to make sure if you are ranking well for a desired international keyword the traffic that is generated from the organic search results is met with a page on your website that is optimized and designed specifically for that audience.

Failure to have a well-designed and optimized page that speaks to the culture of that country will result in a reduction of conversions or worse you will see an increase in the amount of visitors that click through to your site and then click away because they are not captivated by what they see.

Our suggestion is to select quality keywords for your international campaign to rank for and make sure the page the visitors will see resonates with them so that you get a higher return on your investment.  We also suggest using good designers to design the page from the country in which you will be targeting.

There are several keyword tools that businesses use to see what their competition is ranking well for internationally and if you want to go after keywords that are competitive keep in mind you will have a challenge on your hands.

The reason why your competitors are ranking well for a specific key term in a country that you are not currently in indicates you will have to invest in gaining ground or using strategies that your completion may have overlooked on an international scale.




International Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research

International keyword research done effectively can allow you to discover which keywords can produce high volumes of traffic.  It can also tell you if it is worth investing in international organic search results from various search engines.

Most people focus one main search engine which happens to provide you with alternatively similar keywords when you enter a search term.  This can help you develop a list of key terms that you may want to include in the content you produce and distribute internationally.

There are several tools that can help you develop a keyword list and it is recommended that you use a tool that takes into consideration which search engine you want to rank well for organically if it is country specific.

We will talk about various tools you can use to discover and generate keyword lists so that you know what your competitors are doing in other countries.   Having that information can give you an advantage when it comes to international organic search engine results.


International Search Engine Optimization Tools

The tools you can use to optimize international websites are quite different in terms of their capacity and scope.  Some tools yield better results than others.  And some tools are able to provide you with the exact information you require.

Other tools will provide you with a general idea of what you need to be successful when optimizing an international website both on-page and off-page.  There are tools you can find online that are widely recognized as the best optimization tool you can find to complete a specific task.

Truth be told, we use a number of optimization tools that are country specific that you will not find by doing a general search in one of the major search engines.

The best way to find an optimization tool is to work with search engine optimization professionals from the country in which you intend to sell your products and services.

Many times they know of a way to find out how to optimize a page in a country with a tool that is not popularly advertised.

More commonly, if you want to use optimization tools that are well know just use one of the major search engines to find what everyone else is using and basing their decisions on and you will be able to make decisions about how to optimize your international pages and international content that you are distributing.


International Search Engine Indexing for Your Website

If you have an existing website chances are it has already been indexed by the major search engines.  If you have a website that has been recently created you will need to submit your website to the major search engines for inclusion.

You can also produce good international content that gets shared and eventually the websites that link back to your country specific page or website will allow your international presence to be found by the major search engines in that country.

Taking a more aggressive and informed approach is what we would suggest.  Before entering a country with something to sell you want to at least know the names of the most popular search engines so you can educate yourself on what they require and look for in order to rank well in the organic search listings.

Remember, depending on the country that you are focused on you could have listings come up for one language or several languages depending on where you are searching from.

You can search for something in another country in English and the search results page will list a number of websites that have been indexed both in English and that particular countries official language.

If done correctly you can get several pages indexed in multiple languages in certain countries for the products and services you are selling.


International Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Analyzing your websites traffic sources internationally will tell you a lot about what is working for your website and what areas you need to strengthen.    When you look at the traffic sources of visitor referral sources you will find out which traffic sources are already coming from other countries.

When you know the countries that are already providing you with traffic and you know approximately how many daily visitors you are receiving from a particular country you can begin to understand what direction you might want to do in order to expand your global reach or global brand presence.

Along with this data if you have existing content that you have distributed in other languages your analytics report will tell you what pages or what pieces of content in different languages are yielding the most traffic so you know what to focus on.

From there you can see which keywords and in what language or country are providing you with the majority of international unique visitors.


Your Websites Current Performance

You want to know what your most effective pages are internationally so you can see if they are converting the site visitors into prospective customers or new customers.  You will be able to track which visitors filled out a form with their contact information so you can remarket to them if they did not end up buying the first or second time they came to your site.

Learning how to use an analytics service to analyze all the information that can be collected is crucial to the online growth of your business internationally.

If you are working with a marketer or you already understand how to read an analytics report you are a step ahead.  If not, and you want to learn how to understand analytics there are a number of different places that can provide you with an analytics course so that you can decipher the data.


Discovering the Potential of an International Search Engine Optimization Project

Beginning the process of determining which countries you want to target is an important step in the expansion of your product or message to a global audience or sector of the global population.

You know as a business owner what you want to get out of going into another country to offer something.  Your ability to set goals so that you can determine through an informal preliminary analysis if certain countries are worth exploring is important when you are thinking globally.

Understanding why you want to gain a global presence is an important part of the business expansion process.  Once you really understand why you want to grow globally it is easier to put a plan together because you know why you are doing it.

Every business owner wants to make more money or at least that’s what they teach us in business school.

Your focus or the focus of a corporation is profit and revenue growth but you might have other intangible reasons.  And those are the reasons that are going to keep you going.  So the idea of being very clear about why you want to grow globally is critical to staying motivated.

You also want to understand how you are going to get your product from Point A to Point B.  If you have a product that is tangible it will be more difficult than just pressing a button and having your product sent via email to the buyer’s destination.

Know what form of delivery and the logistics involved is critical to saving time and making sure that part of the customer experience is handled in an effective manner.

Knowing that your delivery process includes costs and factoring those costs into the purchase price of your product is critical to what country in which you can offer your product.

If you are selling a relatively low priced product you want to make sure the people in countries that can potentially buy or are currently buying your product will be able to on a larger scale if you invest your resources in the expansion of your business in that country.

Your websites international goals are important when it comes to business growth for other reasons.  If you are capturing leads from a specific country or selling products in a country that speaks a different language than the language you are currently prepared to support throughout the buying process and thereafter you have to think about how you can provide support at the lowest possible price.


International Search Engine Optimization Research Summary

Know before you expand into a country what the potential gains are for the products and services you are offering.  Various tools such as Analytics can help you understand what is performing well for you internationally and it can help guide you so you know if it makes financial sense to continue to expand based on the feedback you receive from initial efforts.

You have target search engines in various countries and insure your site is included in those search engines so that international pages can be indexed.  Of course, this will lead to your ability to capture data through international landing pages or customers from other countries.

Most of your traffic and visitors will come from organic search listings internationally at first.  So make sure you know how to discover what keywords are going to be effective in the language that you are familiar with or in a foreign language that you will be targeting.


Chapter 5 – International Search Engine Optimization Website Country Specific Targeting

In this chapter we will address the possibility of how you can approach structuring an international website to gain maximum exposure and distribution of the content you create for a specific country in that countries language.

We will look at a number of ways you can organize your content.

We will look at what you can do about the issues you encounter when visitors from another country land in a section of your website that was intended for another geographical region.

And we can also take a look at how to increase conversions when redirecting traffic that landed in the wrong area of your website and what tools you might find useful when addressing the above mentioned issues to make your international search engine experience more efficient and practical.


Hosting Your Website in a Global Environment

Any expert in international search engine optimization will tell you there are different solutions to the issue of where your website is hosted when it comes to ISEO strategy.

Here we will explore the possibilities so you can decide which hosting theory makes the most sense for you and what you are trying to accomplish.

As a business owner you know every detail can mean the difference between great loss and significant gain.  Hosting is one issue to consider carefully.

Many designers and programmers believe a search engine will give you an advantage with search results in a particular country if your website is hosted in that country.  The idea is that when a search engine indexes your website it looks at a number of determining factors so that it knows where to give certain pages priority.

If your website is hosted in another country outside of your target countries jurisdiction the possibility exists that a search engine from your target country will give a website hosted in that country priority when it returns results from an organic search engine query.

Other experts believe search engines are smart enough now to determine if your page or website should be indexed according to how well you have optimized the page and how relevant the content is that exists on the page for the person who is doing the search.

Your website can be hosted in Country A and you can design a page or a website for Country B and as long as you indicate to search engines that your page or website has been created for a specific geographical region your information will be treated and compared equally with websites and pages from that same country or geographical region.

Our suggestion is to look at the resources you have at your disposal and direct them appropriately.  If you have the capacity to create multiple websites and create an enormous amount of high quality multi-lingual content for many different countries then you might want to host those websites in each country that you are targeting.

Another option is to have one website hosted in one location but make sure you create content for international search purposes and make sure you optimize the pages in a way that indicates they are designed and designed for a specific region.


How to Deal With Website Traffic Landing on the Wrong Version of a Page

When a visitor arrives on one of your website pages that is not meant for them to view from their country you can implement a number of different options so that they can reach the correct page or version of your website that is more appropriate for them to view.

Your first option is to make sure they can see country and or language specific options somewhere on all of your websites pages.  They should be able to click a button and convert the page into the language they want to view the page in if the browser version they are using does not do that for the automatically.

If you have a multi-website approach they should have the option of changing to the country in which they are more comfortable viewing your site from.  You want to keep them on the page that they have landed on or redirect them to another one of your websites if that is more desirable for the visitor.

The country specific and language specific options should be obvious to the visitor so they can easily get to where they want to go and you get to retain the visitor that you worked so hard to get in the first place.



How to Organize your Websites Content for Various Countries

There are various ways you can structure your international expansion plan in relationship to the platform you will be using to deliver your message to a specifying country or group of countries.

You want to make sure that you remain consistent with that the initial structure or platform you select to deliver international content abroad that is in your country’s language or in the language of another country.

Consistency allows you to stay organized and will help greatly with your international search engine optimization efforts.

The easiest way to begin your international search engine optimization efforts is to consider the language of the existing website.  If the website is written in a language that is spoken in other countries as their official language or one of their official languages you might want to consider penetrating those countries first.

Every country is different so make sure you have someone who can help you edit the content and help you avoid duplicate content issues when you optimize the additional international pages of your site for the target country or countries even though those countries speak the same language as the host country.

When you have two different countries that speak the same language you still need someone who can help edit the pages that are created for the target country because you will see minor but important differences in the spelling, interests, type of currency that is used, buying behavior and cultural norms that will all affect the buyers journey in the target country.

So getting those things right even when dealing with a country that speaks the same language will lead to a higher conversion rate and generate more revenue for your business.

Another thing you can do is to take a look at the analytics report to see if the website you are focused on is already receiving traffic from abroad and if so you may want to focus your efforts there.

So make sure you know where all of the visitors of a particular website are coming from before you begin targeting specific countries.




Content Structuring

There are three different ways to structure content created for an international audience.  You have to choose which option is best as a marketer for your customer or allow them to choose.

Small business owners usually need to be included in the selection process because the three different content structuring options will require different capital commitments from the business owner.

Each one of the three different options has its own plusses and minuses but once you chose which one is best for your business you have to stick with it.

The first option you can select is a country codes top level domain or ccTLds.  You will know that someone is using a ccTLD if the URL ends with a country specific URL ending.  Brazil for example will have domains that end in .br, Canada will have URL´s that end in .ca and what that means is that they are used to target these specific countries.  You will be telling a search engine that you are undoubtedly interested in getting indexed within the specified countries geographical region.

The country code domain approach has several advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s begin with the advantages of using the country code approach.  Aside from the direct signal you send to search engines indicating that you are targeting a specific country with your content, exists other advantage.

Many theorize when you have a country specific domain it will help you rank better organically.  People like what is familiar.  Having a country specific domain allows viewers to instinctively click on a search result that has a URL ending in which they are familiar.

Most search engines include in their algorithm preferential treatment for country specific domains.

What is the downside to using country specific top level Domains?  There are quite a few things you want to think about as a small business owner if you want to target multiple countries.

The most obvious disadvantage is you will need to have multiple websites.  This will increase overall costs.  It will also require you to start from the beginning and buy a domain name that is new.  You will have to build each websites authority over time.

You will need a more comprehensive international search engine optimization strategy for content generation, distribution, editing and backlinks.  When a search engine crawls each specific individual website it will treat it as an individual website.

If a search engine has a search console account many times you can indicate to the search engine through the console which country your website I targeting.

The second approach you can consider when implementing an international digital marketing plan is to use sub-domains because it provides a clean and easy to understand way of isolating different versions of your website.

This allows you to have different server locations and even though you might have different server locations it is still easy to manage.

When you use subdomains to organize your international marketing efforts the subdomains are treated as new domains and as a result carry no authority with search engines globally.  They are treated as an independent website.

The third option you have is to create sub directories for international search engine optimization good practices.  You can use this option when you are already working with an established website and you want to use its authority in the global marketplace.  An established website that has a general Top Level Domain meaning the domain name ends in .com, .org, or .net.

You can more easily manage a gTLD because the content you are creating for the international market is under one website umbrella.  Your ability to easily implement and distribute content in a more cost effective way increases.

The downside to structuring your efforts in this fashion is that is can be more complex in design, you have less advantageous location signals for search engines globally, and you will not have a specific country IP address.


Specific Country Targeting for Your Website Summary

If you are able to host your website in the country that you are targeting it gives you an advantage with the search engines that are popular in the specific country.

If you are unable to host your website in a target country there are other things you can do to offset the loss of using local hosting within that country.

Make sure you have available options for all of you websites pages where a visitor can choose the country and language in which they want to view a particular page or get redirected to a different version of you website entirely.

There are three different ways you can organize your content for different countries and different languages.  Each option has to be selected by the business owner.

And the business owner must understand all of the advantages and less advantageous factors before they begin expanding internationally with their international optimization plan efforts.

Chapter 6

Best Practices for International Search Engine Optimization

Knowing how to structure you website so that you get the most out of your international search engine optimization strategy will allow search engines to crawl your site globally.

More importantly, the search engines in the countries that you are targeting will be able to rank your pages and or website if your pages are labeled and optimized correctly.  You want to make it easy for visitors from other countries to find a page that speaks to them if they land on one of your website pages that is intended to be seen by a different audience.

Having a visible location where visitors can be redirected to a favorable, country, language, and currency give you a better chance at keeping visitors on your site.


How to Present Country Specific Products, Services, and Educational Material

One of the challenges you face when creating a website that services an international community is your choice of products that you are selling.  If you are selling a generic product that is universally acceptable, free of labels, designs, and insignias your job becomes much easier in terms of presentation.

If however you are selling a product and the product has a label or is designed in a certain language you might want to think about the implications from a branding perspective on how you want to present that product in another country.

Chances are you may have to redesign the label in the target countries language before taking it to market.

When you have the label redesigned make sure you use local translators and marketing experts to help.  If you do a direct translation using a translation tool that you found online and a designer from your home country the reaction from the target market might not be as good as it could be.

As a general rule, you want to present the images, videos, and written descriptions of your products and services that you are offering in a target country to a designer and an experienced marketing professional from that country before you launch.

An even better approach is to have them on the product development team before you begin designing the label or the brand for the target country.  It will save you time and money.


Redirecting Traffic to Your Correct Website Version

Make sure you redirect visitors using the IP address that the visitor to your website is coming from.  If the IP address is coming from a specific country redirect that visitor to that area of your website, the area that was created for people from that country.

You can detect the visitors preferred language through the visitor’s browser setting so if a person comes to your site you should be able to redirect them to the appropriate language.

You can accomplish redirecting visitors to your site a few different ways.  The first way is to allow the visitor to choose what version of your site they want to view so you can have a version of your site suggested to them and then allow them to determine where they want to go.

Another way to approach this is to redirect the visitor to the most relevant version of your website based on where they are located and the language that is spoken in that geographical region or country.  You can allow them to see content that was created for visitors from their region quickly by using this method.

The downside is you will have at times visitors from a specific region that would prefer to view a different version of your site.  We live in a global economy now and people travel and aren’t as divided into geographical categories as much as they used to be.

There are other scenarios and those scenarios should be addressed by giving the visitor the option of choosing what version they want to see your site in even if they are redirected at first.

All pages will need additional code that you can easily have implemented for you by a programmer or you can instruct them to use a 302 redirect that will redirect the visitor to what you think is the most appropriate version of your website based on where they are located.


International Search Engine On-Page Optimization

Once you have decided to target a specific country in a specific language your content creation efforts have to be done with on-page optimization in mind.  Now, on-page optimization will not vary much from how you approach on-page optimization at home assuming you are doing it correctly.  You want to make sure your Meta tags, keywords, page titles, and backlinks are all done in the language you have selected for the target country.

Also, include the keywords in the URL´s that you want your pages to rank well for in your selected target countries language.  Image and alt tags should also be incorporated into the on-page optimization of your target countries pages that include photos or images.

Everything has to be translated when you are creating a page that is designed for a specifically targeted area of the world.  It’s not enough to have a portion on the information in that areas preferred language and, for example, a menu bar in another language.

Before you launch a page and make it available online, test the page to make sure it is showing up the way it was designed to show up.

Areas to consider with international on-page optimization for a country specific and language specific page include the pages URL, Header Tags, Title Tags, Meta Description, Content, Images and Alt Tags, Internal Linking, and Hreflang Attribution.


International Search Engine Optimization Creation of Crawlable Pages

In order for search engines to rank the pages you have created for a foreign country the search engines need to be able to crawl those pages effectively.

Work with a programmer to insure you do not have any scripts on your page that are preventing a search engine from crawling the pages you have created.

Another thing you can do if you have several separate websites that you have created for the purposes of country specific targeting is you can link those sites together making it easier for search engines to crawl all of your websites and get a better understanding of what you are trying to do.

Create a page that is reserved for the different versions of the websites you have created for different countries.  This will be helpful for not only search engines but for visitors to easily navigate to where they feel most comfortable.


International Search Engine Optimization Best Practice Summary

In summary make sure you present the products, services, and educational content to the target country in their language and in a way that is attractive to that audience.

Have clear options available to your website visitors so that they can easily navigate to the area of your website that would make them more comfortable if they land on the wrong section of you website.

Treat on-page optimization in a target country the same way you would for a page that you have at home.

Work with a programming specialist from the target country that can insure the pages you have designed for that country are crawlable for search engines so your pages will be indexed and promoted to the top listings in those search engines.



Chapter 7 

International Search Engine Optimization Multi-Lingual Best Practices

Have you ever wondered exactly what it is that you have to do in order to optimize your website so that you can target many different countries at once?  Here in this chapter we cover the basic logistics of what needs to occur so that you can communicate with search engines about which pages are designated for particular countries and how to tag those pages appropriately.

We will also be talking about multi-lingual pages and websites so you know exactly what you need to do so that search engines know where to index pages that are meant to show up in organic search results in a specified country.

We will also briefly mention the fact that the use of various online tools can be important to the process of expanding internationally but a good programmer, designer, and language expert can also be effective.


International Website Duplicate Content Issues

The best way to approach this issue is in a straightforward manner.  Many of the pages you create will have similar content but it will be in a different language.  There is a way to communicate this to search engines so they know and don’t have to discover it on their own.

The way you communicate this to the search engines is to tag the pages properly so that the search engine that is indexing the pages of your site show the correct pages to the correct audience.

A programmer will be familiar with this issue and can help you a great deal.  Some platforms allow you to include this information yourself with a widget.


Multiple Language Content Translation Options and Tools

The only way to do this correctly is to hire a person that is from the area that you will be targeting so they can insure the proper use of grammar on the multi-lingual section of your website that is designated for their country.

In order to save time, you can run the original version through a tool online that will translate the text into the desired language but ultimately you need the content proof-red by a native.  We could waste your time with exploring other options and telling you how other unsuccessful websites have approached this problem but we want you to be as successful as possible with your international expansion.  This is really the only option worth mentioning.


How to use Language Tags for Multi-Lingual Websites

Many international websites overlook language tags make sure you include Hreflang Tags so that search engines in your target country know that the page that is getting indexed belongs in that country and the content within the page being indexed contains that country’s language.

This also insures that the correct pages will be shown in search results in the correct country or location the pages were designed for.

Many small business owners ask what the best approach is for the homepage of their website if they are not using a multi-site approach for international marketing efforts.  There are three basic options available.

You can show the same content to every visitor that enters your website.  If you chose this option make sure you also have available options so that visitors can choose the type of language and currency they want to view easily.

The second option is to allow the visitors that come to your website from other countries to be automatically redirected to the version of the website that reflects their geographical country and probable language choice.

Lastly, give visitors the immediate option to choose the language they want to view your homepage in when they arrive at your website as we covered earlier in this book.  All options have to have Hreflang Tags.  So make sure you are working with a programmer who can add those to the correct pages of your site.

There are several different types of Hreflang Tags.  The first one we would like to mention is an x-default Hreflang tag which is the type of tag you want to use if you have created a page that lists all of the countries in which your site is internationally optimized for so that search engines know that the page does not target a specific country or geographical location.

You can use a search engine to do a generic search to see what the tag looks like but that probably isn’t necessary if you instruct the programmer to include the tag.

Another tag that you want to pay attention to is the rel=“alternate´´ hreflang=“x´´ tag.  This is a tag that’s used specifically for your language and country pages.  If you want to add them to the site you can use your programmer or do a search in a search engine for instructions on how to do it yourself.

Another option to use is a language version XML Sitemap which you can speak with your programmer about to see which option is more efficient, effective, and cost favorable.


International Search Engine Optimization Multi-Lingual Summary

In summary, when you are optimizing a website or webpage for multi-lingual targeting you can avoid duplicate content issues by making sure your international pages are tagged correctly.

You can find several different online tools to assist you in translating existing content into content that it is in another language.  The best option is to work with a native speaker from the country you are targeting.


International Search Engine Optimization Glossary