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Vivapixel is one of the premiere website development and digital marketing strategists in Balneário Camboriú.  From the beginning, VivaPixel has offered quality service at a reasonable price.  They deliver high quality products to end users who want to create an online business or create a brand that people will remember.

Services they offer:  Website creation and design, virtual store integration, landing pages, brand creation and registration, digital marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Website Hosting for your website and emails by people who understand what your business needs.

Vivapixel has a portfolio of clients: from many different areas of commerce and industry.  They can adapt to what you need and want in industries that are new, and they can improve upon design in industries that are familiar.  All-in-all you are in good hands with the creative team at Vivapixel and you will not find a better digital marketing company in Balneário Camboriú for creating websites.

Digital Marketing International has contacted several of Vivapixels clients so they could share their experience with us first hand. They all told us they are happy with the results they received from the web design company.  This is a company who has an outstanding reputation in the community. They give the experience of performing at a high level delivering more than they promise to their clients.

Contact Vivapixel go to their website or call them directly at (47) 3268-5147 

Their office address is Rua 951, nº 283, Centro Balneário Camboriú Santa Catarina – Brasil CEP: 88330-729

Vivapixel Interview with Co-Founder Mauricio Mueller

Mauricio Mueller has differentiated himself and his business within the state of Santa Catarina.  We visited him at his office and we highly recommend using his services for all of your website design needs.  The company Vivapixel offers a wide range of services and they are a highly organized group that can accomplish projects small and large.

We saw several examples of highly complex projects that Vivapixel is currently working on and if you are considering building a website from scratch, reinventing the image that is currently out there, or need a new solution and you are a large corporation Mauricio Mueller and his team at Vivapixel can assist.

DMI:  Tell us about how you organize the work flow so you can accomplish projects efficiently.

Mauricio showed us a proprietary system that took three years to design that is scalable and used to effectively manage projects of all sizes.  We were impressed with the project management systems they have established and developed over the last three years leading to the completion of projects for customers within the agreed upon time frame. 

Mauricio:  It was important to us to create a project management system that allowed us to produce quality websites with attention to detail.  We also wanted a system that was integrated with the staff so that they could communicate in real time and everyone would know where each aspect of the design process was from start to finish.  This allows every member of the team to know when they have to complete the section that they are responsible for and they have a specific date in which to complete their task.

We are considered casual because we are from Brazil but our approach is anything but casual.  We approach web design and implementation in a very focused manner and the quality that customers receive, we have been told, is on par with North American and European standards.

DMI:  Mauricio you began building websites and engaging in SEO more than 10 years ago.  What were some of your early successes?

Mauricio:  Early on, I had one goal and one goal only.  I wanted to take a large business and increase its revenues.  I was not certain by how much I could increase the revenue of a large business that was already established but I went to work and learned everything that I could about website development, presentation, and effectiveness in search engine results.

The first real project I took on saw a tremendous increase in unique visitors and visitor conversions over a one year period.  Today, long tail key words are what so many SEO experts focus on but when I started everyone focused on specific words and I was able to rank several words in the organic search results that landed my clients in the number one position on Google.

As a result, many businesses transformed overnight and when I say overnight I mean they had to hire 20 or 30 employees to keep up with the amount of business I was sending them through search engines and website presentation.  They were able to convert the traffic that they were receiving because of how we structured and presented their website.

We still do that and we also now focus on getting long tail key words to the top of the search engine results.  So clients get a double dose of SEO rankings that allow their business to grow faster and with greater success by using this approach.

DMI:  Tell us more about some of the technical aspects of how you design a website.

Mauricio:  We know that text has to be visible, people read from left to right, a call to action needs to be above the fold in certain cases, and a number of other factors that great web designers include in successful websites are the same elements I include and build upon.

DMI:  What has resulted from creating websites using these guidelines?

Mauricio:  As a result, some of our clients have seen conversion rates skyrocket from minor changes that we have made and others need a complete transformation of their current website in order to be effective at gaining the responsiveness of visitors that are coming to the site.

In either case, the results are the same.  Usability becomes more enjoyable for visitors which increase the time they spend on a website we create and we have also seen an increase in the number of page views from visitors on websites that we create.

Both of these two things are helpful and are rewarded through Google’s search engine algorithm.  Google likes websites that keep visitors engaged and we are proud of the average amount of time a visitor spends on a particular site we have created.  We have designed websites and landing pages for various industries and the results are always the same.  Visitors spend more time on the websites we create, view more pages, fill out forms and conversion rates for websites we build exceed industry averages.

DMI:  What areas will your company focus on in the years ahead?

Mauricio:  We already have our eyes opened to digital marketing.  All of the websites we build are responsive to smart phones, tablets and we make sure and test each website that we build in every browser available on the market before presenting the finished product to our clients.

After they have a website that we know will convert visitors into customers or prospective customers we begin the search engine optimization process both on page and by using other methods so that the websites we build are visible in Google search results.

We want our clients to rank well for competitive terms, long tail keywords, and we know if we focus on digital marketing the success they have online will allow us to retain them as customers.

DMI:  The more conversions your customers receive the more money they make.

Mauricio:  Yes.  And that in turn gives them the ability to grow their organization and we want to grow with them.  We know if the customer offers a product or service and we give 100% and our customer that contracted us gives 100% they will gain customers and we will have a client that will continue to grow with us.  We can create additional revenue streams for customers that have initial success with us and we do everything to ensure the success of our customers.

DMI:  How do the services you offer allow your customers to grow continuously?

Mauricio:  I know I said this before, but it all begins with a functional website that can be easily navigated.  The websites we create are attractive visually and speak to the audience that the business owner is targeting.

We have writers that write specifically for the business owners target market and the images and design that we use are attractive to the market the business owner is capturing.  Once visitors arrive on the website we have to ensure visitors convert to customers at a conversion rate that exceeds the industry average and we are very happy with that result.

It tells us and the client that we know what we are doing and we are prepared to help the business grow.  Through experience we know what works and what may not be the best approach for a client to take.

DMI:  What would be the final thoughts you would like to leave readers with?

Mauricio:  I would like readers to really understand the reason why we have so many successful clients and why they stay with us.  It is a simple set of principles that we live by.

We believe in producing a high quality product with attention to detail.  We are perfectionists.  If you look at our clients you will see the quality that leads to successful businesses online.

We are efficient.  We believe in producing a high quality product and we believe in delivering that product on time.  The client gets exactly what we promise and more.

Contractually, we detail everything the client wants and we include additional ides in our proposals that clients may not have thought of that will add to their success.

Most importantly, we deliver the finished product on time.  When we tell a customer your website will be ready in three weeks, the website is ready in three weeks.  It is not ready in three weeks and 1 day.  It is ready in 3 weeks.

This allows the customer to plan other aspects of their business development with confidence so they do not lose money incurring unnecessary costs waiting for their website to be finished.

DMI:  Thank you for your time.

Mauricio:  Thank you.


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