International Digital Marketing with Google Analytics for Your Business

Google Analytics and your business should be in close contact especially if you are in charge or want to be in charge of a multinational corporation.  You should also be in close contact with Google Analytics if you have a national business and you have high hopes of the business going global.  Quite often Google Analytics provides business owners with a report they are able to look over and if you are like most business owners you probably look at the basics.  If you have a more in-depth analysis and you intend to make full use of the scale in which Google Analytics provides tools to help you segment your audience, determine where they go on your website by looking at behavioral patterns, and where you may lose users during the checkout process then congratulations.  You are ahead of 90% of the Google Analytic users out there.

Digital Marketing international globe photo
The World is Changing so should your marketing strategy.

If on the other hand you want to go beyond that you need an international digital marketing agency that truly understands your business, its possibilities, and potential to gain market share even when you don’t.  And that comes from experience.  The kind of experience you find with individuals within digital marketing agencies that operate on an international scale with an international or global clientele.  Here and only here will you find individuals that understand how to use Google Analytics to your favor – across boundaries, in different markets, with different cultural demographics.  They have to have an in-depth understanding of what works in one country and not in another.  These are seasoned marketing experts that have worked with big brands and have probably moved from a global marketing approach where standardization is employed to a marketing approach that is more of a country specific brand adaptive marketing strategy.  The emphasis on important industry specific keywords domestically looks different in other countries and may not have the same importance.

These things amongst others can make all the difference on your ROI (Return On Investment) and gross profit margins.  Too often we see companies offer a product or service in Germany with huge success and employ the same exact marketing strategies in the United Kingdom with tragic results.  So their efforts offset the success and failure experienced in the two different countries and it balances out the gross revenue they generate from marketing campaigns instead of maximizing growth in each of the two countries for exceptional financial growth.  The sad part is they don’t get to start over and do it again.  Once it’s out there it has an impact on the brand and it will take time to correct the damage done in certain markets that had a failed marketing approach.  Examples of brands that we have worked with and advised after they have experienced such failures are Electrolux, the Scandinavian manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and Pepsi.  Electrolux did not understand the market in the United States.  Their slogan once translated into English read “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux´´.  Needless to say they saw vacuum cleaner sales plummet in the U.S.  The blunder made by Pepsi was they did not realize when selling their product in Taiwan that their slogan in English “Come Alive with Pepsi´´ translated into Taiwanese was “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Dead´´.  Needless to say both clients agreed we could use them as examples in our own marketing materials since we did not create the mistake and they both wanted us to wait until the message was correct both in the United States and in Taiwan before we wrote about it.

Google Analytics, an experienced staff of branding experts, linguists, and our team of digital marketing engineers provides large corporations with the tools and strategies they need to compete internationally in localized markets.  We too can help your company go from a statewide or national company to a company that offers products and services internationally.  International digital marketing agencies rarely have the entire package to offer prospective clients.  We have the entire package.  We are able to take you from a small or medium-sized business to a mid to large business that is offering its products and services in many different countries.  We offer multilingual support for those businesses that want to take that next step but are concerned that if they make the investment they will have difficulty with customer service support with people in other countries who speak different languages.  We have it covered.

If you need reputation or brand management services to correct a message that went out that wasn’t in line with your marketing message we can get it corrected for you on a domestic or international scale.  Digital marketing internationally is what we do but we can also help domestic companies who want to stay within their own boarders.  Our Google Analytics experts are required to have PhDs in marketing but more important they have worked with a minimum of six major international brands and have proven to contribute to a successful marketing strategy and implementation with all six.

International marketing and Google Analytics works together to achieve maximum product saturation in any market domestic or foreign.   Globalization has forced marketing and sales professionals to become smarter and more equipped to handle the challenges they face in a competitive world.  Google Analytics takes the data and allows a Google Analytics Marketing professional the chance to organize the data in different ways and interpret that data to better serve the needs of clients through segmentation. You need someone who is capable of interpreting data not only from users that speak your language but from users that also come from other countries and speak outer languages and customs.  The Amish will have a difficult time accepting any message from Coca-Cola because their core set of values prohibits them from drinking Coca-Cola.  They live in small communities so the social pressure of living a “Coca-Cola´´ free life become easier to accept.  We know this is one extreme example of a niche market but you want to make sure you are aware of a larger markets core belief system and behavioral code before you try to tackle the issue of market penetration.  Our Google Analytic experts are going to know what markets you should stay away from internationally and what markets are ripe for picking.

With that said, it only makes sense to consider a variety of other factors that contribute to the Google Analytics reports in the first place.  After all, you need to make sure users are coming to your website so that there is data to interpret in the first place.  Without a significant amount of new visitors through the use of paid advertising campaigns or organic search placement you will not be able to accurately determine if the market entrance justifies the outlay of cash that you are required to contribute to various advertising campaigns.  For example Coca Cola also discover in certain Latin American countries the word “Diet´´ caries a negative connotation.  As a result, they chose not to target the keywords “Diet Coke´´ in any of their online marketing campaigns.  Online and through traditional media channels Coca-Cola changed their branding strategy to focus on keywords like “No sugar´´ and “With stevia 50% less sugar´´ and the marking campaigns especially online have proven to be wildly successful.


Digital Marketing Coca-Cola Emerging Market Photo
Digital Marketing in Emerging Markets Coca-Cola



To conclude, it is easy for small to medium-sized companies to build international marketing plans if you are working with an international marketing agency that has a presence in various foreign markets.  If you are coming from a developed nation you don’t always have to pay developed pricing when it comes to international marketing if you select the right agency.  Many times you can get the intelligence, expertise, implementation, and results you are used to getting in your country for a fraction of the price when it comes to marketing internationally.  Other times, or should I say most digital marketing agencies focus their biding on what you would expect an ad agency or online marketing firm to change in your country and they reduce the price by five or ten percent.  With us maybe you will have to pay more than you are expecting but you will get a lot more in return than you are expecting.

Contact us today to get a quote on a specific or general project you are interested in launching.

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