International Digital Marketing Plan for Small Businesses

In an increasingly complex and integrated world digital marketing experts agree that small business that want to offer their things to an international group of customers must have a solid plan before expanding internationally.  An internally acceptable marketing plan for small businesses requires the business owner’s attention and participation.  A digital marketing agency with international clients requires the participation of the small business owner even when the small business owner may not think he or she has adequate time to answer a set of questions that will ultimately determine the small businesses success or failure in international markets.

When you offer a product or service in another country, in another language, o a foreign culture you have to be prepared as a small business owner to present your product or service differently that you do at home.  A good international digital marketing agency will prepare you, the business owner, for how you can design display advertising in other countries.  What looks good in your country might not appeal to what a foreign market finds attractive.  A great international digital marketing agency will make sure and guarantee you present your products and services in an attractive way in the country you are entering.  We have seen with almost every client the skepticism that comes along with designing an adverting campaign, digital or traditional, if they are new to providing products and services to other countries.

Digital Marketing International can design the Google display ads, and ads that show up on videos, tablets, and cell phones for you if your designer is unfamiliar with what is culturally acceptable and attractive to buyers in the country your products and services are entering.  We can also help with translating you message into other languages so the target demographic in the foreign market understands your message.  Many times a direct translation from English to French or from German to English doesn’t communicate the proper message just by using simple tools like Google Translate.  You need an international marketing agency with experts on staff from the country in which you are offering your products or services to assist.

A Google AdSense and an Advanced Google Analytics professional should work together in designing your advertising campaigns in the countries you want to offer you products and services.  If the AdSense and Analytics professionals are from the specific countries you will be offering your services you put yourself in an advantageous position.  They can always see thing in the data that a foreigner would miss.  This increases your chances of success and maximizes your return on investment when entering new countries.  You can still have success with the AdSense and local analytic professional hat has been helping you at home but if you really want to grow your business internationally in the right way you will want to go with the professionals that know the markets better than anyone.  Our organization has professionals in over fifty-three countries.  The chances are pretty good that we will have a group in your country of request.

Another thing you want to keep in mind as a business owner interested in growing your brand globally are the different ways you can distribute your message online through the use of digital marketing.  Some countries respond better to twitter, others prefer communicating through Facebook, Google Plus, or email campaigns.  Some online users like to seek out information to educate themselves in the form of eBooks, case studies, webinars, product comparison reports and other forms of digital marketing materials.  We select the most appropriate channels and forms of delivery for each country you chose.  The playbook of what works in one country is always different from the playbook for what brings success in another country.

A company that expands internationally also has to remember that payment platforms can differ from country to country and the software used to support your favorite means of distributing content can also differ from country to country.  There are many roadblocks to succeeding globally but we have solutions that most international digital marketing agency’s may not be working with yet.

If you are a small business owner and you would like to talk about how we can possibly help, fill out the form below and we will contact you in 24 -48 hours.


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