How to Make Money Online Presentation

You Want Your Website to Make You Money

You want to make Money teaching guitar lessons in your city, state, country, or the world?

Here is a company that wanted to make Money teaching guitar lessons in their city and became the largest guitar lesson teachers in the world.

First Step:  They bought a domain name.

Step 2: They hired a Digital Marketing Agency to build them a website.

The Digital Marketing Agency connected the website that they built to the domain name

Now, when people type in the domain name at the top of the screen they see the website pictured below:


The first day the website (pictured above) and the domain name were connected you could only find the website by typing the exact name into the browser window at the top of the screen. 


If you typed in the domain name or the key words “guitar lessons” into the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search box you would not find that website on the first page or the second or the third page of Googe, Yahoo, or Bing.  You would not be able to find the website in any of the search engines.  You would find other websites that offered “guitar lessons”.

Today if you type in “guitar lesson” you will see the website on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.




How did this happen?

The website owner of had a Digital Marketing Company that knew how to get large websites to link to

Google, Yahoo, and Bing all saw large and credible websites began linking to and this told Googe, Yahoo, and Bing that offered something valuable and that was why big websites that were credible began and continued to link to

What Resulted?

Google, Yahoo, and Bing all placed on the third page of the search results when someone typed in “guitar lessons” to each search engines search box.


As the Digital Marketing Agency continued to find large websites that were willing to link to Google, Yahoo, and Bing all noticed na increase in more large and credible websites linking to so they moved the website to the second page of search results and then they moved the website to the first page of the search results when anyone in the world typed in “guitar lessons” to the search box.


The Digital Marketing Agency continued adding links and the website began receiving visitors but many of the visitors would quickly leave the website.


The websites that were ranked higher on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing when anyone in the world searched for “guitar lessons” offered more value than

The Digital Marketing Agency told that they had to reorganize their website and offer more than the websites that were outranking

What did do?

Step 3:  It reorganized and offered more than the competing websites that ranked higher in the search results when anyone typed in “guitar lessons” from anywhere in the world.


The Results:  They are now the largest provider of guitar lessons in the world. no longer needs to pay the Digital Marketing Agency to add links from large and credible websites.  Additionally, does not spend $1 for advertising and probably will never have to spend Money to place advertisements but they will continue to make large amounts of Money 24 hours a day throughout the year.  They are never closed.  Visitors buy lessons everyday including weekends and holidays.

This could be you but you have to work with a Digital Marketing Agency that has done this before for other websites and can do it for you. 

They have to understand how this very simple process Works and apply it so that you can make Money from your website. 

When this is done correctly you will continue to make Money from the efforts of the Digital Marketing Agency long after you no longer use their services.