How Can We Get Your Business To The Next Level?


Our team is organized globally.  We have people who are highly qualified in every aspect of growing a company.  “Our people have experience with Fortune 500 Companies, Global Brands that weren’t always global until they met us, and Joe´s Pizzeria who started with three locations and asked us how he could turn three pizzerias into five.”

Every customer is different and each has different needs.  The problems you face we can help you solve.  When we solve a problem for you it means you make more money and we get to work with you as you grow.  International expansion is a specialty of ours.

When we first began we never wanted to be a jack of all trades.  We wanted to be great at just one thing – international search engine optimization.  What we found were people over the years who wanted to join our team from other areas of online marketing and publicity.

We now have people who are highly specialized in one area and one area only.  People in our organization that specialize know everything there is to know about just, creating dynamic search ads, display remarketing, customer match, fundamentals for audiences, remarketing lists for search ads, video creation, article creation, and the list goes on and on.

The point is we never set out to be a company that could do it all but we can and we do so we hope you will join us.  A team is put together to support the specific need or solve the specific problem that your company faces.

Once we understand exactly what you need we form a team that is small, efficient, and has the exact qualifications that will be needed to carry out and complete a successful financial victory for you and your company.

DMI provides the following international digital marketing services to business owners that are in each phase of a business’s life cycle in 50 countries and in 43 different languages.

International – ISEO International Search Engine Optimization, ISEM International Search Engine Marketing, ISMM International Social Media Marketing, International Content Creation in English or for a Multilingual Audience, International Content Distribution

National – SEO Search Engine Optimization, SEM Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation in any of the 43 different languages we offer (if your country or language is not on the list we can refer you to a digital marketing agency that can help until we have a presence in that jurisdiction), Content Distribution through your country specific ideal platforms, Branding, Credibility Creation or Enhancement, and Analytics Analysis.

Local – we make sure you are getting found through local business directories and community awareness websites.  We can create local publicity for the city in which your business is located through online magazines, newspapers, and local news television programs.  Social media outreach through special offer creation.  We can build a website, blog or manage your social media platforms so you can focus on building your business.

Our monthly retainer to provide the above mentioned services varies from business to business in terms of size, scope, and specifically what the business owner needs.  We also have general packages that complement just about any business.

Package 1 – This package is typically reserved for a business owner who wants to test out the waters with our company.  They can hire us for a month, see the results, and based on those results can decide if they would like to continue using our services.  It is an introductory package that begins at $25,000 usd for the first month and based on the results we achieve can go up from there based on your goals.  This package includes a small team dedicated to getting you backlinks, creating articles that drive traffic to your website, landing page design and production to capture leads for your business and directing new qualified visitors to your product or service buying pages.

Package 2 – This package is for the business owner who knows what he wants.  He wants a specific number of high quality anchor text backlinks driven to a specific page from a credible source or sources domestically or internationally.  This business owner could also want his or her reputation strengthened online to create credibility for prospects interested in buying but will buy only if they see more credibility online from various sources.  The retainer for this package is $50,000 usd.  If you are happy with the results, we can continue until you are satisfied with your online reputation and see your organic keywords rising to the first page of Google.

Package 3 – This package gives you a team that is dedicated to your overall strategy.  We can put you ahead of the competition in your industry by doing a complete industry analysis to better understand what you are up against, a full analysis of your website, Backlinks, content creation, paid advertising recommendations, online reputation enhancement, target market penetration for products or services that could be performing better, increased leads, increased sales, and anything else you need.  This package is a $85,000 usd package that will give you an idea of what we are capable of and serves as a basis for future business together.

Package 4 – This package gives you flexibility to direct us in whatever it is that you feel would best complement your existing marketing strategy or replace it.  This package price varies passed on your needs and what you want us to do.  Please contact us with a proposal of what you would like us to do for you and the price you would like to pay and we can consider your proposition.  Clients that pick this package have had a range of requests over the years.  The services range from basic local SEO work to a full-scale international, multilingual marketing plan implementation.  We have accepted proposals that range from $120,000 usd to begin per month.  To submit your proposal for review, send it to and we will contact you after we review it.

If the monthly retainer is more than you were expecting to pay to retain our services, we have International Digital Marketing Strategic Partners all over the world that can assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  They always pick up the phone.