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Guest Author David Aston and Contributing Editor of MoneySense interviews Anthony Simmons, President of Digital Marketing International in Canada.  Simmons is quoted in the media about International Search Engine Optimization, International Search Engine Marketing, International Social Media Marketing, Global Brands, and how to grow a small business into a global brand that people recognize.  Anthony shares with us his business plans on expanding into Brazil and why you should also.

Guest Author David Philips talks about what local and national companies need to do in order to succeed in todays global market.

Guest Author Simon Covey discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using an international digital marketing agency for small business owners who want to offer their products and services in other countries.

Guest Author James Garner shares insights learned from the Wharton School about how to grow revenue with the latest digital marketing techniques for business owners that are in any of the 7 different phases of their businesses life cycle.