Global Expansion through Digital Marketing and YouTube

As a business owner you want to expand your products and services.  It is then and only then that you will receive the satisfaction of knowing you are a part of something that is continuously growing, something you can be proud of.  When you put your feelings aside there is always the bottom line to consider when investing in global markets through international expansion.  The global markets are competitive, sure, but you are the one who is responsible for growing revenue on a quarterly basis.  This translates into dividends or a gross profit that can be distributed to investors, yourself, or reinvested back into the business.  At the end of the day your gross profit margin allows you to pay fixed and variable expenses and give you the possibility of allocating funds to expand in to other countries.

Most small businesses that only operate in one country have the misconception that they are the ones that have to become innovative in their industry to gain more market share.  Another approach is to offer your product in other markets to investors and consumers that will be interested in the products and services you offer.  One easy way to get your message out there is to use video distribution through YouTube and other video platforms.  Many press release services now offer video attachments that can be embedded within your press release.  Other social media platforms like Facebook allow domestic businesses to distribute videos globally.

Video content creators are in high demand because internet users are finding it easier to watch a video on their smart phone then read a blog article which takes more time or is more of a hassle.  That’s not to say that a tremendous amount of internet users don’t want to read because they do.  Video content creation is growing and so is YouTube daily.  More and more people are joining YouTube and more and more businesses are using YouTube to increase brand awareness on a global basis.  As a business owner you can also use YouTube to extend your reach and offer products and services to other countries like Germany, England, France, Spain, or China.

The real question is what would it take for you to make the leap into a new market?  Would you have to be comfortable with the idea that it is not only possible but probable that having had success at home you could also continue to grow in other markets abroad?   Would you want to do it on your own or would you want to hire a digital marketing agency that could assist you in international waters?  You might have a lot of questions but the only question worth answering is – what is the easiest way to sell more and grow?  If you have the assistance of a digital marketing agency that has experience internationally you can often grow your brand and make money by offering your products and services in other countries.

If you would like to consider expanding into other markets and offering your products and services abroad please contact us by filling in the form below and we might be able to assist you.