Digital Marketing on the Amazon River

We will explain how a digital marketing company can get clients on the Amazon River in South America.  I have a book of clients from one of the most unlikely places in the world, the Amazon River (the River).  If you want to know how to generate new business as a digital marketing specialist from obscure and relatively untapped markets that you can rank well in continue reading.

Keep in mind this is how we evaluated and developed the following opportunity:

-We visited the area on vacation

-We noticed the people who did business in this area could benefit from adding technology to their businesses.

-We entered into joint ventures with business owners.

-This led to additional opportunities from building websites, digital marketing, advisory services and consulting opportunities, to an eBook with

The first thing you want to do is pick a geographic location somewhere in the world that is not very dependent on technology or the internet.  These areas are areas that have traditional small business models, they have internet access, and they still rely on word of mouth as their number one source of generating new business.  I don’t know if you will be able to find everything you need to start a new business remotely by using YouTube or Google Search but its possible.  If you feel like you might have to take a trip to the geographic region you have selected you are on the right track.

Digital Marketing on the Amazon River can yield significant results.  The Amazon River is a place that is very entrepreneurial.  Many businesses on the Amazon provide various products and services to consumers or other businesses.  Their primary source of product distribution is by boat.  There are many differ types of product that are produced on the River such as lumber, cattle, fish, fruits and vegetables.  They also have boats that pick up wood, metal, and plastic products from various factories in the small cities along the River and physically transfer those products from one city to another.  You also, as a digital marketing specialist, can target businesses that want to move large items like cars and industrial trucks to other areas using the boats along the river.  And finally you can target tourists that want to take an authentic river boat cruise along the amazon for the experience.

One of the more recent examples that you can see here or on our YouTube channel is a group of indigenous people who make various wood products primarily hand crafted potter.  This Indian tribe brings existing products to major cities and sells their authentic products in the street daily.  They can make between $500 -$1,000 handcrafting and selling these products in a buzzy street fair. (The video quality didn’t come out very good here but if you take a look at a different video we have on YouTube it came out much better)

We are currently working on producing a website for people who literally live in the jungle and don’t wear clothes.  It is worth the effort.  You would be surprised at how much this little group makes.  Take a look at some of their products in the picture below:


Wood Potery Digital Marketing Amazon River
Digital Marketing Amazon River Wood Potery Carving

You can find numerous companies who need help selling all kinds of wood products from furniture to kitchen items to regular lumber if you search Google or YouTube.


Digital Marketing on the Amazon River – Lumber

Here is another business that supplies 12,000 tons of fish to various cities weekly.  They have a good business and as you can see. The Amazon River is fruitful and still provides an excessive amount of natural resources to small entrepreneurs willing to take the risk of being in business themselves.  Adding digital marketing to their strategy helps a business like this explode.


Digital Marketing Amazon River Fish
Digital Marketing on the Amazon River Fish You Can Walk Across

This area of the River is so full of fish you can actually walk across it! Take a look at the video on Youtube.

So as you can see many small business owners want to get better results and these are business owners that never imagined they could make money online with digital marketing.  There are businesses like this all over the world.  Some of these businesses, when we first came into the picture, only did business in person, settling accounts in cash.  But now they have accounts and can transfer money through traditional avenues.  A digital marketing company can generate and extra five to ten thousand dollars a month with small businesses like these along the River.  It might take you six to twelve months (maybe eighteen months) but if you are already established in your field you can certainly do it in a six to eight month period.  The good part about establishing digital marketing campaigns in niche markets is once you have a client there is little to no competition so your retention rate is much higher than having digital marketing clients in more developed parts of the world.

Here is another product that is produced on the River.  We are using digital marketing to help business owners interested in buying lumber from suppliers.  Individuals can also locate suppliers and get a better price on the lumber they are interested in buying for specific projects.  Additionally, the following business used drift wood taken from the Amazon River and turns it into furniture selling it at high-end boutique furniture stores in major cities.  They are actually cleaning up the environment instead of destroying it while producing high quality products.

Digital_Marketing_on_the_Amazon_River_Wood Furniture
Digital Marketing on the Amazon River Wood Furniture

Digital marketing on the Amazon River allows us to help businesses gain client that produce plastic products like these:


Digital Marketing on the Amazon River Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotions


This company offers shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and other various products that come in plastic bottles and have to be replaced.  This is a boutique operation with three different locations but the products are organic and the business is in a good position to grow.

One thing we didn’t expect to see on the Amazon River were cattle farms.  Some people, it looked like, were able to clear away sections of the jungle and get land from the government.  Their they could raise cattle and sell the meat and leather in other cities.

Digital Marketing on the Amazon River – Cattle Farm

The meat has to be shipped by boat from one port to the other.

The leather could be purchased directly from the farmer or it could also be delivered to tanneries after the hides have been salted for a twenty-four hour period.  Many of these farmers use other parts of the animal to produce other products which we havent seen in other parts of the world.

Digital Marketing on the Amazon River – Plastic Products

These are all very simple plastic products that everyone buys and eventually will have to replace so it is a sustainable business.  You can buy these by the container and sell them to stores that are located in large cities for a fast turnover.  YouTube or Google Search will be able to assist you on your quest to find plastic manufacturing companies who want to distribute to more retail stores for digital marketers who are interested in gaining new clients.

Digital Marketing on the Amazon River or Other Niche Markets 2017  (How to Guide) UPDATED!

Step 1 – Locate a region on the globe that lacks popularity but engages in commerce.

You want to locate a region that is not popular.  If everyone knows about how to make money in a certain region then it most likely has become exploited.  We want to select areas that are unpopular but engage in business because that gives us the best chance to discover an area that could be rich in opportunity and low on the scale of competitiveness.  Low entry barriers are also a perk when entering into uncompetitive markets.  Digital marketing on the amazon river or anywhere else in the world gives you the chance to try things, test theories, and seize opportunities others overlook for very little to no outlay of your own personal capital.

Step 2 – Once you settle on a location, identify the businesses that operate in that region.

By identifying the business that operate in a specific region you are beginning to analyze the opportunities that region offers.  If it is easy to see a business that you might want to operate you can create a website and begin offering the same products that that business offers.  You want to select a business that has large profit margins.  You should be able to buy a product from a supplier and sell it for a 200 – 300% profit.  This would be on the low side.  Don’t consider anything less than 200% unless you have discovered a big-ticket item and you are willing and able to place with a buyer with relative certainty.

Step 3 – Implement a digital marketing plan.

You have identified the region, located a product or service, and you know who buys the product.  Now, it’s time to sell the product or service online.  In order to sell a product online you must create a website and get your product or service in front of customers.  If you know how to do that, then the rest is up to you.  If you aren’t familiar with how to buy and sell products and services in niche markets globally you might want to contact a company that is familiar with how to market online for niche products.  We offer a free quote to people interested in going down this path but there are a lot of businesses that do, in theory, the same thing.

Step – 4 – Add additional income streams.

Once you have had success with a product or service in a region look for other opportunities in that region or in other geographic regions.  Once you have a model that serves you repeat with additional products and or services.  You just have to get it right once and future opportunities should come to you easier.  We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses by adding additional revenue streams.  It’s easy once you know how.

Step – 5 – Continuous Maintenance

You have to expect that the type of business you have inserted yourself into will experience minor changes along the way.  You must be prepared to meet those changes and have solutions to the day-to-day challenges any business faces.  It would be unrealistic to assume you could start a business that would just run itself.  Even if you have measured automatic responses built into the business, you still have to watch it and adjust from time to time.

In summary, find a geographic region that is desirable, identify and analyze the businesses in the region, chose one that makes sense for you, add value and create additional revenue streams, and finally maintain what you have started.  It’s that simple.  We know. We’ve done it.

Amazon River Product Distribution, by Boat or Truck?

If you have a product that cannot be drop shipped then you will have to do one other thing which is get the product from the manufacturer to the retail outlets or to the wholesaler. The most sought out transportation is using a boat ferry for the transportation of your product down the Amazon River.  Digital Marketing allows us to do this in an easy fashion but if you are already in the region a face to face conversation may be a better option.

There is a long list of companies who provide service from one part of the amazon to another part of the river.  Once your product arrives at its destination you need someone their to receive the product.  In many deals we have the retail company or the wholesale vendor pick up the product.  In other deals we are required to deliver the product directly to the customer and in that case we have to hire a trucking company to pick up the product and transport it directly to the customer so there is an extra step involved.

Digital Marketing on the Amazon River for Tourism

Digital Marketing on the Amazon River has its place in tourism.  With over 4,000 miles of river the Amazon has many opportunities for visitors from other countries to come and experience something unique.  It is easy to get lost in the Amazon so we want to point out a few things you can do in order to make your trip efficient and fun.

First no Amazon Adventure would be complete without gliding through the canopy.  We recommend starting off with a small adventure like this and working your way up.

Second, you can hike through various parts of the jungle.

Third, find out what it like to really live along the Amazon River.  You can volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary.

Fourth, consider white water rafting.

Fifth, if you want something a little more upscale you can stay in an eco-lodge designed so that you are immersed in the Amazon and have exposure to all of the sights and sounds of the jungle.  Essentially, if you don’t want to machete your way in an out this may be a viable option.

Sixth is for the more adventurous type.  You can find a white water rafting excursion that is bound to make the hairs on your arm stand up.

Seventh, you can swim in the river with pink dolphins.  They have fresh water pink dolphins all along that Amazon River.  They are very trusting and will eat fish right out of the palm of your hand.

Eighth, Stand Up Paddle boarding.  You can sail along the Amazon standing up on a large surfboard type of instrument propelling yourself along with a large oar in areas of the river that are calm.  It makes for great fun.

Ninth, go fishing for Piranhas.  You certainly don’t want to swim with the Piranhas even though you can safely.  Certain guides know exactly where to fish if you want to catch a Piranha or two.  Most of the guides know how to clean and cook the fish for you if you aren’t a catch and release type of person.

Last but not least, if white water rafting isn’t your thing you might want to try a more relaxing trip down the river as you lay in a hammock and quietly float down the Amazon on simple boat made out of wood with an experienced guide.


History of Digital Marketing on the Amazon River

Digital marketing on the Amazon River is fairly new.  Technology in this area has not yet caught up with where technology is in the developed world.  Digital marketing in general has a more exhaustive history that goes back over twenty years and we will explore that here along side the history of digital marketing on the River.

Many businesses on the river have relied for generations on word of mouth advertising and have grown at a respectable pace.  With the introduction of the internet and digital marketing many businesses along the river have been able to increase growth and gain clients not only from other states but from other countries. Even in areas where internet connections aren’t that strong businesses are still able to benefit from digital marketing by having a website alone.

Internet marketing or digital marketing as it is more commonly known throughout the world is new for many businesses along the 4000 mile stretch of river that begins in Peru and extends over to and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Digital marketing professionals can take existing business that offer unique products and market them digitally to people in other countries that are eager to purchase region specific items without having to jump on a plane to acquire the item or items of interest.

Digital marketing has changed the way some businesses do business on the river.  Digital marketing is allowing businesses that embrace it the opportunity to offer their products and services to the world twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.  Normally, businesses on the river are open from 9am to 6pm or earlier.  Businesses close Saturday and Sunday and they also close for Holidays.  When you give a business a website it allows them to stay open and become more competitive.  Digital marketing allows them to reach out or at least be available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.  The businesses we have helped have reported an increase in sales (which we already know because of Google analytics in Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil) and they have also reported an increase in business from existing customers who have gained more confidence in the businesses ability to service accounts.  Additionally, we have received reports from one business who explained they have regained some customers they had lost because of their new online digital marketing campaigns.

Information can quickly be exchanged once multi-communication channels are created through social media and other forms of digital marketing.  Digital marketing in general allows business to communicate directly with consumers through social media and other sources.  If you want to add to the effect of word of mouth advertising in areas that are less populated but have the advantage of being isolated implementing a digital marketing plan is a solution.  Many of the business owners along the river are seeing digital media, in many cases, replace word of mouth advertising.  Many of the businesses along the river that are now using digital marketing strategies are reporting an increase in brand devotion and awareness with existing customers.  Existing customers who once went into the business to buy products now are able to get a clear message through social media and the business owners are able to send effective messages to customers who behave in predictable ways.

Digital marking in an era of increased communication in the developed world is trickling down into emerging parts of the world.  Combined with technology these entrepreneurial environments are being transformed into areas of commerce and digital marketing is playing a key role in that transformation.  We aren’t just seeing this along the River in South America.  We are also seeing this ion the Islands of the south Pacific, many countries in Africa, and other third world countries that don’t have the infrastructure to compete with the largest emerging markets in the world.  In a sense the playing field is being leveled not just in theory but in practice and if you have a background in digital marketing you can help transform areas that are connected to the internet, help business owners grow their business and make a pretty decent income from doing so.

Now that you know how to make money on the Amazon River in Niche markets we are going to show you how to make money by selling an e book on

We are in the process of turning this case study into an eBook and we will be selling it on  So for those of you who aren’t familiar with how to write an eBook or upload and sell it on Amazon we will provide you with the instructions here.  It is easier than you think.   And with being the largest retailer of books in the world you can generate additional revenue if your book takes off.

The first thing you need for your book is a book title.  We are calling our eBook “Digital Marketing on the Amazon River´´ with the tag line “Global niche marketing in a digital world´´.

After you have the title of your book you want to organize an outline.  If you have already written a case study then it is easier to structure and develop your book for Amazon.  All you have to do is list the titles of each chapter so you know what you are writing.  Once you have the names so all the chapter titles, pick a chapter title that is going to be easy for you to write about.  If this is your first attempt at writing a book or your send or third by following this recipe we are confident you will see your finished product online at  So make it easy.  Start with a chapter title that you are comfortable with and write as long as you can about the subject or topic for that chapter and take a break when you can’t write anymore.  When you write a book you don’t have to write in any particular order.  You can write it piece by piece and at the end it will all come together.

After you have written the book and it is complete in terms of a first draft takes some time away from the book.  Let your mind process what you have just done.  Normally, we find people who do this will have new ideas that spontaneously pop into their heads about the book they have just written and you have to seize those moments of opportunity.  Get right back to your laptop and begin revising the parts of the book that you think are important to revise.  Do not fall into the trap of continuous revisions.  Authors that do this never have a finished product to take to press.  Just get your e-book to the point of where it is maybe not what you want in a perfect world but acceptable to release.  Remember, you can always write a second edition. gives the author the opportunity to let readers view parts of your book like the introduction or various chapters.  You want those parts to be excellent.  If you need to work with a graphic designer to create the front cover of your book then do that because a lot depends on the appearance of the book when it comes to marketing your product on Amazon.

Next you must create an account with Amazon which is pretty easy to do.  Then you want to go to the Kindle Direct Publishing Site and log in.  Once you log in you will be looking at a page that has three links at the top Bookshelf, Reports, and Community.  If you are on that page and Bookshelf is in bold you know you are in the right place.  The Bookshelf page should be blank because you haven’t published your book yet.

You will also see a menu bar below that indicates the title (of your Book), contributors (author – That’s you!), list price, date submitted, and status.  Once you submit your book it has to be reviewed by the folks at Amazon so the Status should say “Publishing´´ and then once your book is approved it will say “Live´´ which means it is live for customers to purchase.

Amazon makes the process of uploading your book or ebook at KDP Kindle Direct Publishing very easy.  Just go step-by-step through the process and if you have any questions about something in a specific area of the publishing process Amazon provides prompts which allow an explanation of what to do in a certain area if you don’t feel that it is obvious.  Good luck with your writing and publishing adventure and please let us know when you get your first book published we would like to take a look and who knows maybe we will even buy a copy.  Let us know if you need any further assistance in the comment section below.

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