Digital Marketing International Strategic Alliance Program

Digital Marketing International works with digital marketing companies, SEO companies, social media marketers, bloggers, PPC specialists, and website designers.  The way we are able to coexist and work together is based on several key factors.

·         Businesses that want to retain our services have to have a track record and be willing to give us an exclusive marketing agreement that includes a 50% profit-sharing agreement for all new customers we generate for their existing business.

·         Digital Marketing International supplies other digital marketing companies with referrals.

·         Digital Marketing International only works with Global Brands.

·         Digital Marketing International needs to be able to refer business owners in need of country specific online marketing to digital marketing agencies that operate in specific regions.

·         We do not specialize in everything and often need the assistance of a digital marketer, SEO company, or PPC specialist that understands the local market in which our client or prospect needs assistance.

Basically, when we come across a business owner that is not a good fit for us we refer the prospect to an outside agency and in return we expect that agency to help us if we require something down the road.  We also actively engage in helping the members of our Strategic Alliance program by promoting their brand in a number of different ways. 

We basically send you traffic directly from our website or indirectly by mentioning your company online in various credible publications. And what we have found is that when our company says we may not be the right fit for your business but we know another digital marketing company that can help, you have a 99% chance of gaining the prospect as a new customer.