Digital marketing International Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has changed over the last few years in a fairly dramatic and dynamic fashion.  Search Engine Optimization is now moving into the realm of the international markets, or ISEO, and many small businesses owners are anxious about being able to find a capable Digital Marketing Agency to help them expand and offer things that they sell to other countries.  The primary reason small business owners fail to take a success full product that has done well in their domestic market is because it is difficult for them to know who truly can know their product and has the experience necessary to offer the product in a new country, a country that may have a different language.

Entering a new country as a small business owner produces several entry barriers that one has to overcome.  The easiest way to do that is to find an International Digital Marketing Agency that has experience and has already made the mistakes a new business owner would make if he or she tried to enter a new target country themselves.  Common entry barriers include:

  • Not Knowing the Language of the Country you want to Sell your Product to
  • Not Knowing How to Select the Correct Keywords in Another Country’s Language
  • Not Knowing Which Search Engines You Need to Optimize Your Content For
  • Not Knowing How to Create a Landing Page to Capture Prospect Contact Information
  • Not Knowing How to Provide Customer Support to Your New Customers

The good news is many experienced International SEO companies are well aware of how to provide small business owners with solutions that are compatible with Google’s search engine algorithm for other countries.  Other countries also use other search engines other than Google and an experienced International Digital Marketing Agency will be able to tell you which search engines you should be optimizing your content for based on the country you are entering.  A different search engine will have a different search algorithm than Google and you will have to prepare your pages meta data, keyword selection, page titles, and page formatting for the specific geographic region a small business owner will be entering.

It might seem like a big project because it is but with the right digital marketing agency who has the right international marketing experience you as a business owner can expand into country after country without even noticing the effort involved on the marketing side of the equation.  Search engine marketing is a skill claimed to be possessed by many but exists really in the hands of the few.  Digital Marketing International has a Partners Certified Program that lists and endorses online marketing agencies that take an international approach and are capable of providing SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing for business owners interested in conquering international markets.  They can come up with a plan and a marketing strategy that is easily implementable within your budget that will yield a favorable return on your investment.

Your time is the most valuable commodity and these digital marketing agencies understand that and provide you with an avenue to successfully enter markets that are currently foreign to you without you getting derailed.  Any business owner that has had success knows they have to spend their time on things that are important and urgent to the continuous success of their growing enterprise.  If international digital marketing, foreign languages, and cultural business understanding is not a part of your existing skill set then you might want to turn towards an organization that can save you time and make you money.

Simon Covey is a known author and ghost writer for various blogs, and social media websites. International bestselling authors have used him to write the foreword to their books related to the economy, marketing, international relations, and search engine optimization for global enterprises.  He has a master’s degree in Finance from Hult International Business School and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Toronto.