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When we think of writing high quality content as marketing specialists it is easy to get lost in the formulas we have learned through various marketing courses.  Getting caught up with optimal keyword density, creating keyword rich titles without going overboard, and overly saturated keyword copy are all examples of what we have gotten away with in the past.  Now, search engines, especially Google, are more intelligent and keyword stuffing is a thing of the past.  In fact, there are many indications that keyword Meta tags are no longer needed for your pages or blog posts.  Google is smart enough now to know what a page is about without the inclusion of keyword Meta data.

Anyone that is writing articles or content and becomes overly concerned with the keyword density of the article that they are writing should probably not be writing or generating content for themselves or others.  Content keyword density tools are fine and we believe there is a place for them.  But if you are using them to beet the competition and rank higher with the copy you are putting out you might want to rethink your strategy and just write good copy.  The keywords will be there.  It’s a natural part of writing.  But when you constantly include a keyword in areas where it is apparent to the reader that your thought process was interrupted just to insert a keyword you know you can change directions and just start writing good articles that will help people learn how to get better at content creation.  That’s what it’s all about.

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I know it’s something we all know but sometimes we need to be reminded of how Google’s search engine algorithm has already factored every possibility of what we think is a smart approach into its system of understanding what a page is about based on the keywords that are obviously in the content.  If you want a digital marketing agency to help you produce written content for your website, blog or social media marketing strategy then search for a company that understands keywords and keyword density before you sign on with the firm.  Keyword density is an important part of search engine optimization or optimizing a page but it has to be done naturally and it has to add value to your website not only for you and where you rank but for your site visitors and customers.  Having keywords in your domain name is not as important as it used to be according to some sources.  But remember your domain name is a part of your brand and many times it’s the first thing people see when you reach out to them with your custom email address.

So, in essence, the best way to write good content or high quality content is to:

  • Start with a topic. Define your topic so you know what you are writing about.
  • Have a general direction you want to take your audience. Keep that in mind.
  • When you begin with the first paragraph make sure the reader knows what the article or page is about. Don’t worry about how many times you should include a keyword in your opening paragraph or any other silly SEO techniques that you may have been taught over the years.  Think of it this way, everything you’ve learned has been taught to all of your competitors and they are doing the same thing you are doing when it comes to keywords and producing high quality written content. So forget about keywords.  Just get your message out there in the first paragraph.
  • Next organize the remaining part of the article with headlines so that you are conscious of where you want to go and end up when you are writing the rest of the article, page or post. Your headlines don’t have to be keyword rich just descriptive.  If the keyword you want the page to rank well for gets included in your titles naturally, great.  If not, even better.  You are writing for the reader not for search engines like Google, Yandex, or Baidu.
  • Make sure when you link out to other websites you link to credible websites that have authority. The only way to become an authority is to help an authority.  And a link to an authoritative site is a good start.

Summary:  Keywords are important.  Including keywords in your content is important only when it occurs naturally.  Your goal should never be to create keyword rich pages before you create high quality copy for you or your client’s readers.

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