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Aquarela Digital History:  Since 2003, Aquarela Digital has been working in the area of ​​digital printing and visual communication, offering its clients solutions that ensure excellence in quality and differentiated service.  Since the beginning they have continued to word hard, invest in continuous digital industry education so they can stay ahead of the curve and offer solutions to their clients that other competing digital businesses can not equal.  The most important value and the value they live by are the same.  They have made a promise to themselves and their customers to change if necessary as the times and technology in the digital era change so they can offer high quality products that are held to the highest standards.  It is the reason why our business has grown and will continue to grow. Businesses want a high quality product at a reasonable price and they are committed to delivering that every time.

We offer the following services:  Stickers that we create through the process of digital printing or electronic trimming that are perfect for corporate and decorative use in both internal and external environments.  Most of our clients that use this service do so for showcases, vehicle adhesives, PVC and acrylic sheets, (?MDF), and decorative plots.

Canvas that we create through digital printing in different formats which are used for road signs, billboards, workstations, (?gables,) facades of companies, banners and materials for events.

Special projects that we customized to fit the needs of clients using different materials and finishes. Some examples include Facade Coating (ACM), Letters Block and Box, Led Lighting, and Metal Structures and Joinery amongsts others.

Business Management Of Colors – Our quality control of impressions is performed through specific hardware and software so you know we will provide you with the same high quality standards by adopting the procedures and parameters according to international standards, (ISO 12647).

Finishing and Installation – Your materials can contain different types of finishing from Lamination, UV Protection Varnish, reinforcement sheath, eyelets and paint.

We count on qualified professionals, that pride themselves in offering great quality and finishing of our facilities.

Technical support – You can get all of your questions answered with our team of experts by telephone, email, remote support and technical visits.

How to Contact:  Facebook     Website     Call: (47) 3268-0929    

Interview With the Founders