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Small Business Owners Expand in Foreign Market

Article by: MoneySense Contributing Editor David Aston Print Edition January 2016

Anthony Simmons, President of Digital Marketing International in Canada is often quoted in the media about International Search Engine Optimization, International Search Engine Marketing, International Social Media Marketing, Global Brands, and how to grow a small business into a global brand that people recognize.  Anthony shares with us his business plans on expanding into Brazil and why you should also.

MoneySense:  So you have decided to open an office or several offices in Brazil.

Anthony Simmons:  Coming from North America, Canadians see opportunities in Brazil and want to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented for Brazilians to other parts of the world.  The Brazilian economy is a large economy.  It’s rich in natural resources.   The minimum wage is much higher than in other emerging economies like China and India so people have money to buy products and services.  Successful businesses also have the ability to offer products to other countries and that is where we come in and help.  Many Brazilian companies are interested in taking their business global and we are helping several large brands with plans of expansion.

MoneySense:  Brazil has seen a rise in exports recently.  Can you address that issue?

Anthony Simmons:  Sure.  The Brazilian Real has remained relatively strong considering the transition the economy is going through so prices have remained low to produce products that can be exported to other countries throughout the world.  Even though Brazilian exports are rising Brazil is still somewhat isolated, by choice, from the world.  Brazilians like doing business with Brazilians.

Since they have enough and don’t suffer from a capitalistic syndrome the people in Brazil are generally happy doing business with other Brazilians.  So even though exports have risen recently, we believe there are a lot of products that can be exported to other parts of the world and we want to play a more significant role in helping small business owners learn how to enter the global economy.

MoneySense:  With Brazil on the rise even though they have had their fair share of challenges, most of the world believes Brazil is suffering, yet, you see it as a growth opportunity.  Explain.

Anthony Simmons:  We believe almost every country in the world has been suffering economically.  There have been very few exceptions.  Brazil is a country that is resilient and strong.  They have historically paid their debts to other countries and central banks.  They are expected to grow into a much larger economy by the year 2020.  The perspective I have does not come from reading the news online about Brazil.  My perspective comes from having lived there and gaining an understanding of how business and ecommerce works there.   Every country has a different way of doing business and once you understand the culture and how a culture does business you can begin to see things that others miss when they are looking from the outside in.

So to answer your question more directly, it is not always enough to pick a country that you hear about in the news and say that sounds like a country that is doing well.  I want to import or export products.  Usually, some of the biggest opportunities come from countries that are presented as struggling in the main stream media but when you go there you see opportunities that other Brazilians don’t see and when you can form partnerships with them and show them how to make more money as business owners you are doing a service to Brazil, business owners, and the customers that are buying the products that are produced in Brazil.

MoneySense:  Brazil has always been a country that caters to tourism.  What other areas are you looking into as viable business opportunities?

Anthony Simmons:  The most successful businesses in Brazil are related to Supermarkets and Restaurants.  So, those are businesses that we stay away from.  We are more interested in finding niche markets with established Brazilian business owners that we can partner with and help expand their client base through various online digital marketing techniques.  We look for businesses that fit a certain criteria that we have developed and it insures the successful launch of a product offer to other countries outside of Brazil from Brazil.  The specific type of business that we like to work with has to be one that shows global potential for success and a good management team.

MoneySense:  Well, we wish you and your team much success in Brazil and we hope you will be returning soon.

Anthony Simmons:  Thank you.

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