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1 Year Contract

You can pay monthly $1,500 Rs and that gives you Brazil and 4 other countries for one key term and we will get you to the top of Google for that term.

For each additional country you would pay $100 Rs per country per key word per month.

If you pay at one time you will pay for 10 months and you will get two months for free.

If you want me to come to your office for the first month and work out of your office for 5 hours a day the cost in $5000 Rs and the results will be exceptional.

  • We will also build the website or blog

  • Write the pages that will get you the best results with Google.

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  • Provide you with monthly reports.

A Normal Internet Marketing Company in Brazil will link other websites with your website or blog (see the first image below).  The more websites that link to your website the faster you move up in the Google rankings for your selected key word, “plastic surgeon” or “breast implants Santa Catarina” or “liposuction santa catarina” – it becomes a popularity contest.  Whoever has the most websites that link to their website moves up in Google for the keywords they select.


An Excellent Internet Marketing Company in Brazil will link a lot of websites to your website or blog but you probably will not see great results with the key words moving up to the first page of Google.  And you want to be on the first page of Google so that when people type in the key word you have selected they will see your blog and you will have a lot of new consultations.


This is what we do (see Image below).  We link websites from around the world to your blog and make it the most popular blog in Brazil.  Google sees this and they promote the keyword you have selected to the first page of Google and you receive all of the people who are searching for that term.

We create what is called an “Authority Site” for you.  Think of a key word as a revenue stream.  The service that you provide that will make you the most money is the key word we will begin with.  This will send people to your blog or website and they will be able to schedule a consultation with you.  Once that keyword reaches the number one position in Google, Yahoo, and Bing we can select another key word which will produce a new revenue stream or group of people who are continuously scheduling a consultation for another service you offer.

The number of Key words is unlimited.  In the medical field there are hundreds to choose from.  When you are ready to select a second key word after you have seen the results of the first key word we will build a page on your blog or website and we will send have other medical websites link to that specific page and when we have enough websites linking to that page the second key word will rise to the first page of Google and the number on consultations being scheduled increases with each key word you select.


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