Digital Marketing Course Free

Luciano Huck and Digital Marketing International have teamed up to offer 100 students a free course on digital marketing.  The course will be an online, go at your own pace, certificate program that will begin July 1, 2017.  The first 100 applicants to apply will receive Free admission and will be taught with material prepared by Harvard educated professor William Adamson.

The course will cover entry-level SEO or search engine optimization designed to give you an edge in  today´s job Market here in Brazil or anywhere else in the world.  Digital Marketers have been able to get high paying Jobs during this time of transition is struggling economies from Asia to South America.

Here you will learn the basics about how to create a website, how to optimize the site so that it will be included in Google search results, how easy it is to construct Meta data tags for any website or blog, the importance of creating a Backlink strategy, video content creation for YouTube and other platforms, how to create written content that engages the reader, the importance of landing pages and the function they provide, how to successfully create an online marketing strategy that will allow a business to grow online.

A second course will also be offered for intermediate and advanced students who want to gain specialized knowledge that is taught at some of the leading business schools  in North America and Europe.  This course will allow students to understand how to outrank large corporations for highly competitive organic keywords and phrases.  It will also allow you to gain a basic understanding of how to globally grow a brand from Brasil.  After this course is completed, you will be able to target other countries and optimize a website so that it can rank in multiple countries in multiple languages.

“The purpose of providing this educational program is an attempt to reach the growing number of Brazilians that want to improve the conditions of the country.  One way of doing that is through better education and I believe by offering a course second to none we, along with Luciano Huck, are giving a large number of Brazilians the opportunity to gain skills that will allow them to improve their living conditions and the standard of life they will be able to provide to their families after they complete the course” says Digital Marketing International Global Director Anthony Simmons.

Those that make the list of the first 100 students to sign up below will create an actual website so they can leave or complete the course with more than just a certificate.  They will actually have a website that will be fully functional.  If they so choose they will be able to being approaching businesses that are in need of digital marketing services here in Brazil and internationally.

“We aren’t just giving these students a certificate we are giving them something they can use in real life.  They are building a website that they can use online to attract customers that need digital marketing services, which is another way of saying they will be able to help businesses gain new customers through online efforts” said Jon Morrow a well-known online marketing expert and contributor to the program.

Jon has thousands of social media followers and was able to retire after a few short years with the strategies we teach in this course.  He was living in a studio apartment and now his balcony overlooks one of the nicest beaches in Mexico.

Courses Offered:

Digital Marketing Beginners Course – This course teaches you the basics of what it takes to build a website or a blog and launch a successful business online.

  • Price:  $99 Rs
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour a week for 12 weeks.
  • Language:  English or Portuguese.

All course material is provided to you online through our website which includes real life case studies from former students who went on to build successful businesses.  An online forum or community where you can interact with other students and get questions answered and relate to the material with students that are at the same or varying levels of understanding.  You will also receive information from the worlds leading online marketing experts.

Digital Marketing Intermediate Course – The course teaches you how to gain visitors, distribute content online, convert visitors into paying customers, e-commerce, Adsense and AdWords strategies, over 200 ways to ensure your website or blog is compliant with marketing practices that are required but often ignored by online marketers,  how to gain an advantage in competitive markets and outrank competitors for organic search terms nationally.  You also have access to all of the information available in the first course for beginners.

  • Price $199
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour a week for 12 weeks.
  • Language English or Portuguese

Digital Marketing International Advanced Course – This course teaches you how to build a blog that will allow you to gain clients through dynamic digital marketing strategies used by professional digital marketers.  This course includes everything you will find in the beginner and intermediate courses and it also includes how to be successful at the local, state, national and international level.  You will learn how to gain clients from all over the world or just from the city in which you live.  This is the ultimate learning experience for those that are interested in becoming digital marketers and starting a business online that will grow into a company that has the type of structure that will allow you to make money online with very little effort.  Afterall, what is the point of having a successful online business if you aren’t able to also enjoy your life.

  • Price $699
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour a week for 18 weeks.
  • Language: English or Portuguese

“I took the course not knowing anything about SEO, marketing online, or search engines.  All I knew was that if I wanted to start a business I needed a physical store.  The idea of being able to sell products all over the world sounded like it was too big og an idea for me.  I just wanted to sell products online through Facebook in the city in which I lived.  I took the course and after about a year I began gaining contacts from other cities in my state.  After two years I began getting customers from all over the country.  I am now adding pages in English to my blog and I am beginning a plan to reach countries like England, Canada and the United States.  The course taught me everything I needed to know to get customers from all over the world.  It still hard for me to belive but its true.  Over the last 3 months I have had visitors come to my blog  from 25 different countries.  I was even featured on Google businesses.  See the video below.

Missouri Star Quilt Company: Our YouTube Story

Friday, April 7, 2017

Digital Marketing International Success Story

In 2009, my new quilting business was struggling to get off the ground. The recession had hit my family and my town of Hamilton, Mo., pretty hard and I had started Missouri Star Quilt Company as a way to earn retirement money while doing something I loved. But like almost every small business at the time, Missouri Star wasn’t setting the world on fire. To help get the word out, my son Al suggested we film some tutorials and post them to YouTube.
“Sure,” I told him. “What’s a tutorial?”
Back then, I had never even visited YouTube, but I decided to try it out. I set up my sewing machine in a corner of the shop and Al began to shoot our first video on a handheld camera. We didn’t even bother to close the shop because foot traffic was so slow. Those first videos didn’t always look super spiffy, but I think people appreciated that I was making a hobby that sometimes feels intimidating to learn, more approachable.
Week by week, we filmed new tutorials and though it took a little while, we started seeing our views and subscriber numbers go up. First we hit 1,000 subscribers, then 10,000 subscribers. And while our online following was growing, we started getting some new visitors in real life, too. People were popping into our store from as far away as Texas, Virginia and Mexico telling me how they’d seen our videos on YouTube and wanted to visit me in person. We couldn’t just film the videos during store hours anymore; the foot traffic had picked up! And it was coming from everywhere.
By 2012, we had over 25,000 subscribers and we were regularly getting visitors to Missouri Star from around the world. Our sales were growing quickly and we decided to use the money we were earning to help invest in our community. One by one, I had seen businesses in Hamilton pack up and leave as the recession got worse and I wanted to change that trend. We decided to buy up a few of those boarded-up buildings to give our visitors an even richer experience.
We opened a store for Civil War-era prints, a store for modern quilt fabric, a store for novelty patterns and still we kept growing. Today, Hamilton is the Disneyland of quilting. We have 12 quilting stores operating in Hamilton and we get busloads of visitors coming to our small town almost every week. We didn’t just stop at quilting, either. We’ve partnered with talented chefs, cooks and bakers in our community to help them open their own business. In small town of 1,800, Missouri Star Quilt now employs over 400 people.

I remember having a dance party with my family when we sold seven orders in one day. Now we ship as many as 5,000 orders a day. Missouri Star Quilt Company has grown from one woman with a quilting machine to the largest seller of pre-cut quilting fabric in the world and the biggest employer in our county.
None of that could have been possible without YouTube. Our channel allowed us to turn our small business into a global business. We now have over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube, from countries throughout the world.
But as great as all those numbers are, the thing that makes me happiest is what I did in that very first video: teach someone how to quilt. I’ve been lucky to find something I truly love to do and I’m so happy YouTube has given me the opportunity to share that passion with others. It’s meant the world to my small business, to my community and to me.
–Jenny Doan