Work and family

“Every man should plant a tree write a book and have a child”. “To be a father is to exercise for a life the most important office that exists!”

We have been taught that to succeed is to have money, that to be a winner is to have a good business and financial, economic and professional success. We grew up and worked our whole lives for this success, as if it were our life. We make it the main and most important focus of our life. Thus we become “the best” for others.

In this goal, our feelings are denied and we become cold, strategists and calculators. Almost machines! We forget the importance and joy of having someone share these goals. Alone, they do not make so much sense.

In this focus the family goes to the bottom. But without a family, life is empty and lonely. Without having anyone to return to at the end of the day, without having a hug or smile to greet us at home. Thus, like machines we fail to experience the strongest and most beautiful feelings in life. Then an existential emptiness takes over our soul. We forget how important the presence and support of a family is. On bad days, with no family, they are days without life.

They have not taught us that we should also focus on conquering a family as we strive to achieve our professional success. Having a family is also successful. Without family and love with whom we will enjoy our joys and end our day? The mood for parties is gone, friends too, but your family will be with you.

How will we receive the best hugs? Who will be with us when we are sad or sick? What sense will a life have with money and alone in the world?
Only a family will take care of us when we need them. Only a child who has been taught the value and meaning of the family will be with us on bad days and in pain.

A man only becomes a real man when he has the honor of having a child. This is a privilege of men of courage. It is a love and a joy impossible to describe, we can only feel. The best moments of a man’s life are not with friends, they are with his children! Allow yourself to enjoy this happiness. No other investment or moment will bring more joy than the privilege of being a father.

Only the dedication and love given and received from a child makes our life complete and full.
This risk and challenge is open to all men of courage, but only challenging men will enjoy it.
Believe me, there are still trusted people to build a family.
When we have a family, we fight for each other and NEVER give up. In difficulties, we face and we do not run, because we are stronger.

Who loves, who has a family, does not give up on difficulties, he will seek other alternatives, but not abandon, he persists because he knows that it is worth.
I wish that money does not turn you into a person who can not risk loving, that he does not take away the courage to have a family.

When you are alone and sick you will have someone to hold your hand.

“Being a father is, without a doubt, the greatest achievement that a human being can have. There is no way to explain, only to feel.”

” Waiting for you love”

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