FedEx Proud to Announce Expansion After Recent Events

FedEx Stays in the Sky

The latest cyber attach on large Corporations, government buildings, and non-profit organizations over the weekend has been managed quite well by global leader FedEx.  They are aware of the problem and have a high security posture towards these types of events,  What that traditionally means is significant to the share price of companies that have been affected by unfortunate cyber attacks.

Studies have shown that companies that fall prey to cyber attacks on average lose between 5 – 7% of the stocks price over the first 120 days without recovering.  These are companies that do not take a responsible position in explaining to customers and investors what it is that they can do to protect themselves in the future.

On the other hand companies like FedEx that take a high security posture in the media experience no more than a 3% loss on average and after the 120 day breach companies have not only fully recovered but show gains prior to the date of the breach.

FedEx is a global leader in shipping and as more people purchase products online the stock price will continue to rise over time.  FedEx is positioned well coming out of this breach that had an effect og many global brands and national institutions.  Fortunately, the events did not interrupt the quality service FedEx provides and the customer satisfaction level is at na all time high currently.

Just to prove our point if you have shipped anything recently using FedEx you can track the package by clicking here to see that everything is still working just fine with this global shipping leader.