Hyatt Hotel Takes Responsibility for Environmental Concerns

Hyatt Hotel Japan

The Hyatt Hotels Corporation has made a commitment in writing on their website to engage in change throughout the world.  They have a plan of how they want to grow and in so doing grow responsibly and in a way that is environmentally friendly.  The action plan or “2020 Vision”  Strategy as they call it, calls for the reduction of energy use, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per square meter and water per guest night in each region of the globe by 25% compared to 2006. In waterstressed areas, they aim to reduce water use per guest night by 30%.  

Some analysts have said this is a goal which is unachievable but according to Mark Hoplamazian President and CEO of Hyatt Hotel Corporation “the Hyatt Hotel chain as already ahead of schedule in accomplishing this goal.  We are confident that the numbers will continue to support the actions we have taken and are continuing to take in the future in order to create a better experience for our guests and not have to do so at the expense of the planet”.

Hyatt was a motel up until 1957 when a couple of brothers purchased it and turned it into one of the largest hotel chains in the world.  Currently, Hyatt has over 600 locations and has grown the brand into a global leader in the hospitality sector.

Additionally, Hyatt went from being a tiny motel to a group of national hotels catering primarily to business travelers and families.  The brand, under the guidance of Jay Pritzker who bought Hyatt with his brother now have a brand that has expanded internationally and with the help of digital marketing, quality service, attention to the changes that are occurring in the environment have launched a chain of luxury Hotels that cater to an affluent class of individuals.

The Hyatt Hotel Corporation has come a long way in a short amount of time.  Global recognition online has allowed the company to grow and expand it´s brand.  If you are the owner of a motel, hotel, or small chain of hotels and you would like to expand, maybe we can help.  We would like to hear your story so contact us here.