Hering Offers Franchise Opportunity Globally


The Brazilian clothing company, Hering, is offering franchise opportunities all over the globe.  Currently, Hering is the largest retail clothing company in Brazil with stores in many other countries outside of Brazil.  The Hering clothing company was founded by German immigrants almost 150 years ago in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.  The company decided in 1933 to develop a model that would allow the owners to franchise the stores to willing partners.

Digital Marketing International has been commissioned to assist with the global expansion plan of the Hering Brand.  “When I arrived in Brazil I was introduced to Hering Shirts and I was impressed with the quality and the fit” said Digital Marketing International Founder and CEO Anthony Simmons.  “It´s not everyday that you find a high quality product that is well-organized and can be replicated for franchise opportunities all over the world.  We wanted to help” he went on to say.  

Currently, Hering requires a city to have a minimum amount of people who maintain residence where a Hering franchised store is able to open.  Once you are eligible the staff at the Hering corporation provide assistance before, during and after the launch of a new store.  They provide assistance in locating space for a store, assist with the negotiations, in store architectural design, visual merchandising, marketing support, and they will even help you train your team. 

Other requirements are required but all of the franchisees that we have spoken with have assured us they are happy with the results.  We have gone in to certain locations and spoken directly with the owner in a casual fashion and we have not had an owner tell us they were dissatisfied with the decision to go into business with Hering.

For more information contact Hering franchise Opportunities.