Hienz Quality Control Improves in Brazil

Heinz Isolated Recall
Heinz Insures Top Quality

Heinz recently voluntarily identified a problem with a small number of tomato sauce packages that had been delivered and sold in São Paulo, Brazil.  The Heinz Corporation immediately was in communication with the store that had received the product and replaced the unsold products for products that live up to the Heinz standard of high quality control that has been a foundational part of the company’s 140 year old history.

Heinz has not even released a statement on their website addressing the matter because of the small quantity of units that had been delivered to Brazil and sold to a small amount of the stores customers.  The customers that bought the product are eligible for a full refund or Exchange and Heinz is continuing to increase its quality standard controls in order to minimize the possibility of a future incident.

The Heinz Corporation has no other reports throughout the world indicating that the quality standards have been jeopardized so as of this moment the São Paulo store incident is looked at as an isolated and unusual occurrence.  The product in question has received no other complaints throughout the world and as of this moment the Heinz Corporation is unaware of any harmful effects the product may have had on the consumers of the product in Brazil.

Many times if a products quality standards are not met by the Heinz Corporation it is because the standards by which they measure the quality of the products they produce often exceed the human consumption standards imposed by different global jurisdictions.  That means you can not get sick from ingesting a product that the Heinz Corporation sells even if a country like Brazil says the quality standards for a specific product do not meet the regulatory requirements of that specific country.  In essence, you can eat products sold by the Heinz Corporation that meet Heinz quality standards and know that you are safe.