Digital Marketing a Winning Perspective on Expanding Globally for Small Business Owners

April 12, 2017 – Digital marketing internationaly allows a business owner to make decisions that will help his company grow in various new markets.  The type of business owner that is ready to expand into the global economic environment varies.  Many times small business owners seek to promote their products in other countries because they have reached the top of their industry at home.  Acquiring new accounts is the rule when it comes to small business success.  As a consultant and a former business owner I know the biggest problem that all entrepreneurs face – getting new customers.  The reasons vary as to why a particular business can plateau.  At times, as mentioned above, a business grabs a significant portion of domestic market share and has no way of expanding further in the market at home.  Other times there is a shift in buying patterns due to an economic slowdown which is particularly difficult for business owners who have a sustainable business model.  There can be changes in the laws of a particular country making business more restrictive.

An easy solution to consider if faced with any of the above challenges if you are a business owner is to expand internationally.  Begin taking market share in other countries and you will see revenues rise if done correctly.  With a digital marketing plan in place and an international marketing team behind you the ideas of how to gain more new clients just became global challenge.  The portion of the world’s gross domestic product is growing and expanding into new geographic regions makes sense for businesses that are thriving at home or businesses that have plateaued.  The one common thread that exists amongst business owners today that have achieved or are in the process of achieving above average growth in their respective industry is their desire to see the growth of their businesses continue.  At first the idea of expanding into areas that you have little experience in can be both exciting and scary at the same time.  But we believe that it’s the fear of a small business owner that provides him with the necessary fuel to move ahead and seize the opportunity that is being handed to them by the world at this moment in time.

Free trade has never been more easy to participate in, labor costs have never been lower than they are currently, the cost to produce a new product let alone an existing product that you are familiar with has never been cheaper, and the channels of distribution due to the increase in digital marketing techniques internationally provides any business owner with one of the biggest opportunities we have ever seen up until this point in the world’s history.  It is quite common to see businesses take on an international role and presence in foreign markets as they are simultaneously growing in their domestic market.  A better understanding of how to manage teams remotely exists now because the knowledge has been shared online and in case studies everywhere you look.  The best advice you can receive from an international digital marketing agency is to go for it if you are having success with an existing business model, a new product that fills a void in the market, or solves a problem.

More than any other time in the world’s history you can, as a business owner, penetrate a foreign market with relative ease and low entry barriers.  Access to capital has also become easier to acquire.  Small businesses are receiving hundreds of thousands to a couple of million dollars before they even begin what’s normally considered the first stage of investment seed capital which comes from angel investors.  Business owners who have formed corporations are engaging in private investment party rounds and are able to raise money before they even have a product.  The investment capital is solely based on the management team that is assembled so there is no way for investors to produce a projected rate of return based on something concrete.  Now, to be fair it is easy to do this but not as easy as it was a few years ago but it is still happening today with frequency.  Private equity firms are still looking for that person who can solve a very basic problem for millions of people cheaply and turn an investment into a fortune.

So to recap, business owners that face challenges domestically can continue to grow internationally with the help of international search engine optimization easier than ever before.  Business owners that are succeeding can continue to see profits that rise by taking on an international or global digital marketing approach.  And a newly formed business that has an idea can raise obscene amounts of money to develop a product and take it to market before raising money from angel investors, venture capital firms, or the public markets.

David Philips is a world-renowned entrepreneur and marketing expert who has had success with developing startups from inception to the mature stage and exit of a business life cycle.  He has dealt with angel investors, venture capitalists, and business development consultants for more than two decades. He has been on both sides securing funding for new ventures that became house hold names and investing in ventures that have had success online.  He is familiar with everything from branding, publicity, traditional direct response, internet IPOs, business management, business development and taking business global. Contact David Philips at

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