Small Business Market Penetration Internationally

Digital marketing experts agree on the fact that you can take an international digital marketing approach if you are located in a specific geographic region.  It’s a simple idea and quite obvious.  But the idea of actually taking your business from local or national to global or international raises a few concerns. The first concern for small business owners wanting to offer products and services internationally is a legal concern.  It isn’t easy to know what permits, licenses, or corporate formations will be involved in the expansion of your small business into another country let alone several.  We make this part of the planning process or information gathering process easy.  We know what you will need to expand your business into just about every country in the world with relative easy.  We also know the cost of gaining the required documentation, where to go online to get the necessary documents, where to go in person for various countries who require a physical person to enter and sign off on documents, how to fill out the necessary forms even when they are in another language, where and how to submit the forms, the price to have the documents processed, and how long it generally takes to have the documentation approved.  Once you know all of that it makes the expansion process of your business into a new market that is country specific viable and you can picture it.  It makes it real.

The next part of the process is establishing your business in a new country.  At the very basic level your businesses contact information is required so that you can convert visitors into qualified leads or new customers.  You could use the approach Amazon or uses which is to digitally automate as much of the user’s experience as possible.  Establishing yourself in a new country can be daunting but the more you can significantly reduce the amount of customer interaction with a sales team or customer service department that probably doesn’t speak the language, might be unfamiliar with cultural norms, or just flat-out doesn’t like doing business with people that they are unable to connect with on a personal basis the better off you will be.  The way to do this of course is to list all of the questions a normal prospect or customer has in the country where your business is located.  You can or we can convert that information into a digital piece of information in the in the target countries language.  Next our team that is from your businesses target country will develop platforms or identify platforms of distribution that are country and culturally specific.  In Latin America most countries prefer Twitter as a means of interacting.  But in Brazil Facebook is a platform that can generate more users to your website.  Once you know where to focus your energy in the target country we can go to work on getting your message to the right audience.

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