Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business International Expansion

Global marketing strategies are an effective way for small businesses to play in the big leagues.  A small business owner can take advantage of the global market opportunities just as easily if not easier than big brand names.  Big brand names have to allocate large sums of cash to infrastructure and layers of hierarchy.  Small businesses can survive and thrive in a global marketplace because it is less bureaucratic than a large corporation.  You aren’t restricted by office politics and you don’t have a board of directors to answer to.   What you do have is a domestic business with a product or service people want and you have been managing the expectations of customers here at home for some time now.

Many small business owners want to take the next step but between running a business, having a personal life, and a family you might not know where to begin with the idea of going global with your business.  Fortunately, we do know what the next steps are for you to take in the expansion of your business into international markets.

The first thing we recommend when a small business owner wants to expand and become more globally known is to pick a specific country and allow us to see if the demand is there for the products and services you currently offer at a price that you would be happy receiving.  Sometimes, when we take this first step with other clients we are happy to find they can offer the products they are selling at a higher price point in certain markets.  Other times they can sell the products that have been successful domestically in international markets at a lower price and make up the spread in volume.

Second, once we have identified a particular market that is country specific we introduce the products and services to the foreign country in that country’s official language.  All that means is that we would build pages onto your own site in another language, consisting of product offers and landing pages which would allow us to test the market response on a low-cost to you basis.  We then can see and measure the response we get from running a few advertising campaigns to get a quantifiable data driven metric on how well what we are doing is working in the new market.

Third, we would optimize the pages in the new market so that Google’s search engine could index or find the pages and we could begin generating organic visitors from the new country in that country’s language.  This would add to the available options that we could use to strengthen your position domestically and the more you expand internationally the more availability we have as marketers to increase your overall websites performance both at home and in other countries.

Last but not least, we measure the data and see what is working strategically.  We can allocate more capital for the advertising campaigns that are providing the ROI Return on Investment that us most favorable and abandon the less promising campaigns.  This is a generic blueprint of how we introduce new small business into the global economic environment.  It is a good way to get started but as you can see it has a lot of flexibility built-in to the architecture or outline of the approach.  Our digital marketing approach for small business internationally allows us to customize and refine an ongoing marketing strategy for your business.  We have fond that the small businesses we have worked with have had the most success when they understand the culture on how a specific targeted country does business before moving onto a second or third.

Once you have success internationally with the expansion of you domestic company in a targeted country it becomes difficult not to want to expand into other geographic regions that look favorably on the services and products you offer.  We would like to bring your product or service into a new economy and move your business into a more global position.  Give us a chance to talk with you further about how we can possibly accomplish what you know the next step should be for your business.  Remember, we do all of the work in terms of getting you leads and new customers in countries we have experience in all you have to do is keep the customers happy and everyone moves closer to a global victory every step of the way.  Send us a comment below and we will be in contact with you to discuss this further.

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