Digital Marketing an International Authors Approach

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Many marketers know Google wants unique content created that serves a purpose.  Ideally, if you can help groups solve a problem or help others online you will be rewarded.  With the amount of information online the global glut of information that is being produced daily is astounding.  The average person spends thirty-five seconds on a given blog page before they move on to other content.  Thirty five seconds is all you get to capture a reader’s attention and keep them interested in the topic that you are authoring.  When you write for an international audience the content has to be worth reading or you will see an increase in your pages bounce rate, people will click away to another website and you could possibly be penalized by Goggles search engine algorithm.

What’s the solution?  Create content that matters.  Create content that provides the reader with a solution to a common problem that they face.  This article for example suggests you will learn how to take an international approach to digital marketing.  You have to remember that you will have to speak in general broad terms and the more specific you become the more readers you lose when you are targeting an international audience.  Let’s face it, no one wants to read about something general.  A better approach is to pick a specific topic for a sector of the international audience you want to communicate with and then speak to them in their language about topics that are important to them.  If you remain broad you will not be able to maintain the reader’s interest.

How to Be Interesting

In order for you to capture the reader’s attention you must begin with a captivating title that attracts their attention.  Something that is current and applies to a large group of the population is something worth authoring.  If you want to target a more specific part of the population then make sure your topic in included in the title of the article.  The article’s title many times is all a person sees.  Once we are past the title it means the user has clicked on a search engine result and they are now on your page.  You page has to be presentable.  An interesting photo that is optimized correctly or a video with an interesting thumbnail are important things you must have in order to keep the audience of international users on the page once they get to your article.

That takes us to the first sentence.  If the first sentence doesn’t catch the reader’s attention, the second sentence better.  You must have something to say that is original or unique or fresh or all of the above.  Having at least one of these things is momentarily captivating.  It gives you the opportunity to share more of your ideas in the form of written content with an international group of readers who have short attention spans and have probably already come into contact with another piece of information that seems just as promising as what you are interested in generating for that target demographic.  So make it good – title, first sentence, and first paragraph.

Next, deliver on what you have suggested you would deliver.  If the title has your topic in it and the rest of the article, blog post, or website page is interesting it will spread people will share it on social media platforms and you will be an online rock star for a few seconds….unless you come up with something new.  If that day never comes than good luck writing articles for an international audience.  If you generally have a love and a passion for what you are writing about others will notice and you will be successful continuously.  So, don’t give up.  Keep going even if you are discouraged.  Writing articles internationally can be very rewarding at times.

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