Article Writing for Our Customers Domestic and Internationally

Digital Marketing International provides article writing services to its customers.  Every industry has a group of leading companies.  If you are one of those companies we can help get visitors to your website, strengthen your brand, and convey your message to consumers through the use of article writing and online article distribution to relevant credible sources. The goal of any article writing campaign is to deliver a specific message to a group of potential buyers.  You want to be able to say you have a solution to their problem and you can provide them with the solution better than your competition can in terms of speed, accuracy, and price.

What we focus on here at Digital Marketing International is delivering your message domestically and internationally to specifically segmented targets of the world’s population.  We can get your message out in a number of ways, article writing is just one.  Article writing and publishing is excellent when it comes from a third part source as opposed to your own company blog.  Being in business I’m sure you are aware of how powerful the use of a third part referral is in marketing and advertising.  We can not only write the article that will give you the credibility that only comes from third-party placement but we can make sure we send out a highly targeted message to a highly targeted audience.

Article Writing requires knowledge of correct formatting, industry specific terminology, where top lace the article, how to get the article placed so that Google will pick up the article in its search results.  A well written article that has a catchy title, great content, offers a solution to a common problem many of your prospects or customers are experiencing means nothing if it is not visible.  You want your prospects to come across the article online when they are doing their own independent research.  You can also distribute the article to your existing database through email marketing but then you are only generating business from existing customers.  You want to generate business from prospects here domestically and internationally.

In summary, we write articles for various industries, convey the message you want to send to prospects, get the articles placed with credible sources, optimize each article so that they are found by Google, and rank well in Google and other search engines.  This in turn generates a tremendous amount of visitors to your website so you can convert the visitor into a lead or customer.  It’s that simple.

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