Digital Marketing International Meta Tags Important or Not

There has been quite a debate between the importance of Meta tags being included in optimization of a page or blog post.  For those of you that are new to webpage optimization and Meta tag data we can tell you what it is in one sentence.  Meta tags are the title tag, description tag and keyword tags that indicate to search engines like Google what your page is about.  The idea used to be that a Google robot or “spider´´ would crawl your page (and it still does) on the backend where all of the pages code is located and the meta tags would tell Google what to use as the page’s title and description when including your page in Goggles search results.  The keyword tags would also tell Google what the important words were on your page which should be given more weight.

Over the last several years many industry experts agree that the Meta tags are irrelevant now based on the theory that search engines have gotten smarter and don’t need the Meta description or keyword tags to understand what your page is about.  More and more web designers are not including Meta tags in the coding of their websites or they use a platform like that automatically generates a title tag but makes it impossible for users to include keyword Meta tags.  On the other hand, some experts say if it doesn’t require much effort you might as well include the all of the Meta tags because there has not been a clear definitive answer from Google on the subject.

With that said if you want to include Meta tags do it.  If you want to focus your efforts on all of the more emphasized factors that have developed over the last decade you will be offsetting the absence of Meta tags.  If your time and resources are limited and you want to focus on social media or some other form of content generation experts from Search Engine Land which is one of the most reputable and oldest websites for developers and search engine optimization experts recommend focusing on more “relevant´´ features of content production and optimization.

International Digital Marketing includes the Meta title, description and keyword tags to those clients that request it and want the Meta data included on their pages and posts.  We offer the inclusion as a free service to those who want to have Meta tags included in their pages code.  With that said, if you would like to discuss this in greater detail or if you have an opinion or suggestion on the matter please comment below.

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