Creating Great Content for International Digital Marketing Purposes

The main goal of Digital marketing for business owners internationally is twofold.  Create great content and have that content distributed on an international scale.  To do this you must have a person or a team of people who understand how to create great content and how to distribute it to the right audience.  Great content begins with information being created to solve a problem not to emphasize the greatness of your business.  There is a place for reputation content creation but that is different from what we are referring to here.  Here we are talking about how we can help you generate great content for your greatest client.  You know who they are and there are more of them out there.  Your greatest client didn’t just walk up one day and decide to buy whatever service or product it is that you offer.

Your greatest client went through a process of becoming aware that they had a problem, need or desire and they wanted to learn more about that online.  Great content creation comes from our ability to create great content for your prospects or strangers for that matter who are beginning to recognize they have a problem and have begun to educate themselves on your industry, product or service.  So, we can create content that educates potential buyers and this will attract them to your website.  There are a number of platforms we can use to distribute this type of content and the form in which this content is created can come in the form of written text, video, audio, or a combination.

Remember, when you want to send out a message internationally your content is only great when the person receiving the content is able to view it and understand it through the cultural lens in which they see things.  That means if you are selling a product in English in the United States, for example, and you want to sell a product in another country with a different culture it isn’t enough just to translate the text into the other countries language.  You have to make sure it gets translated by a marketing professional that is both from your country of origin and the target country so that your message is accurately conveyed.

Creating great content for your potential buyers that speaks to them and their background directly allows us to generate content that speaks to the potential buyer through every step of their educational and buying process.  Once a person is aware that a solution exists for them they begin exploring what options or solutions are available in the marketplace.  Great content is necessary at this point in driving them to the next stage of the process which is requesting something you have that they want in order to buy.  Generating a lead requires a different type of formatted content and we can do that better than most on an international scale.  We can do that in emerging economies and we specialize in doing that for the fifteen largest economies in the world.

Ultimately, you want a buyer and even better you want a buyer that actively without you having to ask generates referrals and more business for you.  We are there to create great content every step of the way.  We don’t just focus on one part of the educational process buyer goes through when we create content.  We focus on every part of the process.  Why?  Obviously, it cuts down on a major expense which is time.  If your sales tem can just sell instead of educating the prospect you will get more conversions and higher productivity from your sales team.  We have many cases where we were able to create enough content that a large percentage of prospects turned into buyers and purchased on-line.  We have documented cases where we took a business that relied heavily on a large sales team and customer service support and after our efforts were the complete dynamic of the business changed and more prospects bought online and had any issues resolved online through the content we created not having to speak with a single person.  We are able to see and verify this through the use of Google Analytics.  It tells us where a prospect went on the website, what pages they viewed before buying, what they did after they bought and it conclusively works when done correctly.  If you have any ideas on this topic or would like more information on content creation please comment below and we can respond to you and begin a discussion.

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