Digital Marketing – How to Select a Domain Name

Domain name selection is not as easy as it once was.  You used to be able to buy a domain name and you could think of a name and it would be available for purchase with one of the domain registrars.  For example, if you wanted to sell “shoes´´ for example domain names like,, or were relatively easy to buy through a domain name registrar.  Today, you have to be more clever to find a domain name that relates to your product or you have to choose a domain name that is a unique domain that you want to use for branding purposes but is unrelated to the product or service you are offering in the market.



There are several things you have to consider when selecting a domain name.  The first thing you want to consider is the importance of having a top-level domain as opposed to a generic top-level domain name.  A top-level domain name is universal.  It is recognized by search engines throughout the world.  It is not country specific but applicable throughout the world.  The second type of domain is a generic top-level domain name that is also universally accepted and allows you the flexibility of getting the keywords you want in your domain name without having the familiarity of a .com, .net, .org,  Generic top-level domains end in .baby, .store, or .lifeinsurance.  To see a complete list of generic top-level domain names that you can buy through a registrar like click here.

For international digital marketing agencies they always like having clients that have an established brand with a unique name in their URL or a company that has a top-level domain name that is established and related to the product or service they sell.

International marketing agencies are able to take existing websites that have domain names that are mature, make alterations or add value by contributing something of value to the existing website and help the client gain more market share through keyword optimization internationally, social media marketing, or several other implementation strategies that have been proven to be effective.

Digital marketing internationally also has a third type of domain name to consider and those are the domain names that are country specific or country code top-level domain names.  Country code top-level domain names obviously as the name suggests end in an abbreviated form of the country in which a business can operate.  A domain name from Canada for example can end with the  In Germany you have domain names that end in .de such as Google.  In Germany, Google can be found by typing in the following domain name,, and the list goes on for just about every country in the world.

When you begin digital marketing efforts internationally it is important to have a name that isn’t taken in other countries.  It is important to consider when you begin an international digital marketing campaign what effect your existing domain name might have on your overall strategy.  Many experts at Google minimize the importance of domain names and emphasize the importance of high quality content creation, website organization, and enjoyable user experience.  In our experience, if you can have it all do it all.  We have creative solutions for the beginner, small business owner that wants to grow revenues by offering his product to the state or country in which he lives, and we also have digital marketing solutions for companies that operate domestically and are interested in going global with their brand, service, or product.

When you are ready to hire a international digital marketing agency come back here.  We can help you if you are just starting your business, have grown your business and want to add revenue streams, or go global.

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